Cargill: Key Player in Global Food Crisis

• Cargill: Key Player in Global Food Crisis
New Food & Water Watch Report Reveals the Damaging Impacts of Agribusiness Giant
Common Dreams, May 12, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC - May 12 - While millions of people around the world face severe hunger, the handful of agribusiness corporations that dominate the global agricultural market are seeing huge profits. One of the key players in the global food market, Cargill, is profiled in a new report released today by the national consumer group Food & Water Watch. The report, entitled Cargill: A Corporate Threat to Food and Farming, details Cargill's vast influence over international trade and how the company threatens consumers, family farmers, workers, the environment, and even  entire economies around the worl..


"Cargill is making enormous profit from the international trade system that is causing all this food instability around the world," stated Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. "This corporate behemoth is behind almost every aspect of the worldwide agricultural system with no accountability for consumer health, the environment or human rights."

 『カーギルは膨大な利益を国際貿易システムを通して得ているが其れは世界的な不安定な食料状態の原因となっている。』とフード&ウオーターワッチのエギュゼキュティヴダイレクターのエノーナ ハウターは述べている。続けて『この巨大怪物の企業は殆ど全ての国際農業システムの局面の背後に存在していながらも、消費者の健康、環境、若しくは人権に対して何も責任取る状態に無い。(取る意思が無い。)』

behemoth ビヒーモス、巨大怪物 no accountability 責任を全く取らない、

The name Cargill largely goes unnoticed by many consumers, yet their products appear on shelves in grocery stores and in menus at fast-food chains across the world. According to the report, Cargill has gained control over huge swaths of the world's agriculture processing, storage, transport and trade, operating numerous business sectors and divisions. Cargill produces and markets chicken and egg products to McDonald's in the United Kingdom and Western Europe, in addition to Pizza Hut, Burger King, and school cafeterias in the United States.


Cargill's meat and poultry divisions are just a fraction of the products they control. The company deals with oilseeds, wheat, corn, biofuels, oils, lubricants, salts, health and pharmaceutical products and animal feed and fertilizers -- products that have contributed to environmental degradation both in the United States and abroad.


The report details the numerous threats Cargill's operations pose to air, water and rainforests. Cargill is responsible for spilling toxic chemicals into the San Francisco Bay, releasing hazardous compounds into the air, and clearing South American rainforests to expand its production of soy and palm oil.


And it is not just controversies over global trade or environmental impacts that surround the company. Cargill is also linked to questionable food technologies such as irradiation, genetically modified foods, and the use of carbon monoxide to artificially enhance the color of meat long past its expiration date.


 Irradiation イラディエーション。放射線で殺菌をする方法。アメリカでは食肉の殺菌等の為に企業側によって提案されています。日本でもジャガイモの芽が出ない様に一時使われていたと思いますが。

The report recommends action by Congress and regulators to rein in this agribusiness giant, as well as telling consumers how to opt out of Cargill's model of industrial meat production.


To view the report Cargill: A Corporate Threat to Food and Farming, visit:

CONTACT: Food & Water Watch Patty Lovera or Erin Greenfield (202) 683-2457

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