Ejnews: 未だ引越しの最中ですので記事の翻訳を完全にする時間が無いのですが、北朝鮮については余りに一方的なニュースが多いので、御存知の方も多いと思うですが念の為に過去の記事を御紹介してみます。下記の記事は北朝鮮の核兵器開発について誰が基本的に協力したかが理解出来る昔の記事の一部の訳です。

The two faces of Rumsfeld



2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea

2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

Randeep Ramesh

The Guardian, Friday 9 May 2003 08.48 BST
Article history

Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, sat on the board of a company which three years ago sold two light water nuclear reactors to North Korea - a country he now regards as part of the "axis of evil" and which has been targeted for regime change by Washington because of its efforts to build nuclear weapons.
国防省長官ドナルド ラムズフェルドは3年前に彼が現在“悪の枢軸国”の一国として、そして核兵器を開発する試みの為ワシントンから政権変更の的にされている北朝鮮に軽水炉型原子力発電リアクターを売った会社の役員であった。

Mr Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of ABB, a European engineering giant based in Zurich, when it won a $200m (£125m) contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors. The current defence secretary sat on the board from 1990 to 2001, earning $190,000 a year. He left to join the Bush administration.

The reactor deal was part of President Bill Clinton's policy of persuading the North Korean regime to positively engage with the west.
此の軽水炉の契約は北朝鮮政権を良い方向で西側と関係を持たせる為のビル クリントン大統領の政策の一環で

The sale of the nuclear technology was a high-profile contract. ABB's then chief executive, Goran Lindahl, visited North Korea in November 1999 to announce ABB's "wide-ranging, long-term cooperation agreement" with the communist government.
此の軽水炉の販売は非常に重要な契約でABB社の中心幹部ゴーラン リンダル氏が1999年11月に北朝鮮を訪問し此の共産主義政権との広い範囲の長期間協力関係の合意を発表した。

The company also opened an office in the country's capital, Pyongyang, and the deal was signed a year later in 2000. Despite this, Mr Rumsfeld's office said that the de fence secretary did not "recall it being brought before the board at any time".

In a statement to the American magazine Newsweek, his spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said that there "was no vote on this". A spokesman for ABB told the Guardian yesterday that "board members were informed about the project which would deliver systems and equipment for light water reactors".
ラムズフェルドのスポークスマン、ヴィクトリア クラークは此の件についての(役員会での)投票は無かったと言っているが、ABB社のスポークスマンは昨日“役員会の委員達は軽水炉の部品とシステムを北朝鮮に送る事について報告を受けていた。”とガーディアンに言っている。

Just months after Mr Rumsfeld took office, President George Bush ended the policy of engagement and negotiation pursued by Mr Clinton, saying he did not trust North Korea, and pulled the plug on diplomacy. Pyongyang warned that it would respond by building nuclear missiles. A review of American policy was announced and the bilateral confidence building steps, key to Mr Clinton's policy of detente, halted.
ラムズフェルドが国防省長官になった一ヵ月後ジョージ ブッシュ大統領は北朝鮮は信じられないと言ってクリントンの交渉政策を打ち切った。北朝鮮は核ミサイルを開発する事によって対抗すると警告した…………………………………………….

By January 2002, the Bush administration had placed North Korea in the "axis of evil" alongside Iraq and Iran. If there was any doubt about how the White House felt about North Korea this was dispelled by Mr Bush, who told the Washington Post last year: "I loathe [North Korea's leader] Kim Jong-il."
2002年ブッシュ政権は北朝鮮をイラとイランと共にク悪の枢軸国だと発表し、若しホワイトハウスがどの様に北朝鮮を考えているかについて疑いが少しでもあるのならブッシュがワシントン ポストに語った『私は北朝鮮の指導者キム ジョン イルを嫌悪している。』と言う発言が全てをハッキリさせている。

The success of campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have enhanced the status of Mr Rumsfeld in Washington. Two years after leaving ABB, Mr Rumsfeld now considers North Korea a "terrorist regime _ teetering on the verge of collapse" and which is on the verge of becoming a proliferator of nuclear weapons. During a bout of diplomatic activity over Christmas he warned that the US could fight two wars at once - a reference to the forthcoming conflict with Iraq. After Baghdad fell, Mr Rumsfeld said Pyongyang should draw the "appropriate lesson".

Critics of the administration's bellicose language on North Korea say that the problem was not that Mr Rumsfeld supported the Clinton-inspired diplomacy and the ABB deal but that he did not "speak up against it". "One could draw the conclusion that economic and personal interests took precedent over non-proliferation," said Steve LaMontagne, an analyst with the Centre for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington.
ブッシュ政権の北朝鮮に対する好戦的な言葉使いに批判的な人々は問題はラムズフェルドがクリントンが引き起こした外交政策やABBの契約を支持した事ではなく、彼がそれらに対して“反対の意見を表明しなかった”事であると言っている。『核拡散について特定の誰かが経済的で私的な利益を得たと言う事実が過去に存在したと結論を出す事が出来る。』とワシントンの武器と核拡散についてのアナリスト、スティーヴ ラモンターニュは述べている。

Many members of the Bush administration are on record as opposing Mr Clinton's plans, saying that weapons-grade nuclear material could be extracted from the type of light water reactors that ABB sold. Mr Rumsfeld's deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and the state department's number two diplomat, Richard Armitage, both opposed the deal as did the Republican presidential candidate, Bob Dole, whose campaign Mr Rumsfeld ran and where he also acted as defence adviser.
(此の部分はポール ワォルフォイッツやリチャード アーミテッジ等のブッシュ政権のメンバーも当時此の契約に反対意見を表明していた。と言う部分。)

One unnamed ABB board director told Fortune magazine that Mr Rumsfeld was involved in lobbying his hawkish friends on behalf of ABB.
ABBのある役員はフォーチュン マガジンに対して、ラムズフェルド氏は彼の鷹派の友人達とABBの為のロビー活動に関わっていたと話している。

The Clinton package sought to defuse tensions on the Ko rean peninsula by offering supplies of oil and new light water nuclear reactors in return for access by inspectors to Pyongyang's atomic facilities and a dismantling of its heavy water reactors which produce weapons grade plutonium. Light water reactors are known as "proliferation-resistant" but, in the words of one expert, they are not "proliferation-proof".

The type of reactors involved in the ABB deal produce plutonium which needs refining before it can be weaponised. One US congressman and critic of the North Korean regime described the reactors as "nuclear bomb factories".

North Korea expelled the inspectors last year and withdrew from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in January at about the same time that the Bush administration authorised $3.5m to keep ABB's reactor project going.
North Korea is thought to have offered to scrap its nuclear facilities and missile pro gramme and to allow international nuclear inspectors into the country. But Pyongyang demanded that security guarantees and aid from the US must come first.
Mr Bush now insists that he will only negotiate a new deal with Pyongyang after the nuclear programme is scrapped. Washington believes that offering inducements would reward Pyongyang's "blackmail" and encourage other "rogue" states to develop weapons of mass destruction.

………………………と言う記事です。当時国防省長官だったラムズフェルドは後にアフガン、イラク紛争が泥沼化した責任を取り辞任しましたが(ある情報ではラムズフェルドはアフガン、イラク紛争や拷問問題に対して疑問を持ち始めた為、つまり一寸人間らしい考え方をし始めたため辞任に追い込まれたと言う話もあります)ラムズフェルドは人工甘味料ニュートラスイート、アスパータム(aspartame)を彼の人脈を使い政府に製造販売の認可を出させた事でも有名で、又、イランイラク戦争当時にはご存知の様にレーガン大統領の特使として後に米軍により捉えられ死刑になったイラク大統領サダム フセインにレーガンの手紙を届けた事でも有名です。(レーガン時代にはガス兵器をクルドやイラン軍に対して使っているにも拘らずフセイン大統領はアメリカから種々の支援を受けていたのは皆さんも記憶されていると思います。)
話をもっと進めると、クリントンやレーガン、ラムズフェルドも誰かの意向を受けてこの様な事をしていたとも考えられるのですが(其の話は又別の機会に、)兎に角、事情が変わる度に友好国となったり敵対国としてのレッテルを貼られる様では長期間の友好関係を築くのは誰が考えても不可能で、北朝鮮ばかりを非難する事は余りにも非論理的ではないかと思うのです。日本も北朝鮮が米国に翻弄されている様に、米国の太鼓持ちばかりしていると何時か米国の事情が変わると使い捨てにされる事も予想されるのではないでしょうか?そう言えば、パナマの独裁者マヌエル ノリエガも米中央情報局との関係もあり米国との関係の強い事で知られていましたが、最終的にはジョージHWブッシュ大統領時代に米軍の侵略を受け捕虜になり、麻薬密輸罪で有罪になり投獄され現在も獄中生活をしているそうです。



06/01/2009 19:03

Signs of a new financial storm for September coming from Dubai and Saudi Arabia


by Maurizio d'Orlando
Dubai calls on the Rothschild bank for help, perhaps out of desperation. In Saudi Arabia a Saad Group company defaults. US, European and Asian banks are struggling. The end of Ramadan in September might mark the start of an economic depression worse than that of the 1930s.
Milan (AsiaNews) – Rothschild’s Dubai office has been retained by Dubai’s Department of Finance for advice on the US$ 10 billion financial support fund (FSF) the emirate raised on the bond markets.

As in the spring of 2008 when the first signs of the coming September financial storm were visible, today’s signs, albeit not front page news, might herald another major storm this fall.

But this year’s crisis could be worse than last year’s because of the multiple points of origin. In addition to the weak situation of the US Federal Reserve, whose financial commitments in support of the US banking system are equal to the total US GDP, European banks could go in tilt because of their exposure to emerging markets whilst those of Asia (especially Japan’s and China’s) could suffer because of Asian economies’ heavy reliance on now declining exports.


As for Dubai real estate values in the city-emirate have dropped by 50 per cent since before the crisis[i]; insolvencies here and across the Gulf region are rising.

At the same time two contradictory trends appear to be coming together. On the one hand, we see that “creata ex nihilo”[ii] e-money might lead to hyper-inflation; on the other, collapsing prices in real goods could lead to deflation and an economic depression worse than that of the 1930s.
Indeed in Dubai many expect the next storm to hit at the end of Ramadan, 21 September.

ejnews: と言う話です。アメリカも9月頃に金融機関への政府からの資金援助が必要だとされているらしいので此れは大変な話に発展する可能性も.....................ですね!

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