Regulators Accepted Gifts From Oil Industry,
Report Says


WASHINGTON—Employees of a federal agency that regulates offshore drilling—including some whose duties included inspecting offshore oil rigs—accepted sporting-event tickets, meals, and other gifts from oil and natural-gas companies and used government computers to view pornography, according to a new report by the Interior Department's inspector general.
The report—published Tuesday on the inspector general's website—describes a culture in which inspectors assigned to the Lake Charles, La., office of the Minerals Management Service have moved with "ease" between jobs in industry and government, drawing on relationships that formed "well before they took their jobs" with the agency.

Although the report says that "all of the conduct" examined in the report is "dated" and occurred prior to 2007, its publication comes at a sensitive time, with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar scheduled to testify before Congress Wednesday on his plan to restructure the agency following the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. The accident led to the deaths of 11 workers and to the spillage of thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day.

Mr. Salazar said he has asked the inspector general to expand her investigation to determine whether any of "this reprehensible behavior" persisted after the department implemented new ethics rules in 2009.

The inspector general's report doesn't specify how many MMS staffers accepted gifts from the oil industry, but says "this behavior appears to have drastically declined" since a former MMS supervisor, Don Howard, was terminated from the agency in 2007.

Mr. Howard, the former regional supervisor of the Gulf of Mexico region for MMS, pled guilty and was sentenced to a year's probation in federal court in New Orleans last year for lying about receiving gifts from an offshore-drilling contractor.

Among other things, the report says that in 2005, 2006 and 2007, MMS employees attended a number of events either organized or partly funded by various offshore companies, including hunting and fishing trips and, golf tournaments. It quotes an industry official as describing how he arranged for two MMS inspectors to fly with him on a friend's plane to the 2005 Peach Bowl and to get tickets to the game.

The report also describes one MMS inspector as having admitted to using crystal methamphetamine, and says investigators found "numerous instances" of pornography and "other inappropriate material" on the email accounts of 13 MMS employees, six of whom have resigned.

In a written statement Tuesday, Mr. Salazar said some of the employees referred to in the inspector general's report have resigned, been terminated, or referred for prosecution. He added that any remaining staffers accused in the report of questionable behavior will be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a personnel review.

In 2008, another report by the inspector general concluded that MMS employees assigned to a royalty-collection office in Colorado created a "culture of ethical failure" by accepting gifts from, and in some cases having sex with, industry representatives.

Following the inspector general's report, the Interior Department took disciplinary action against more than a half dozen MMS workers, with punishments that ranged from a warning letter to termination.

The latest report does not attempt to link the alleged activities of MMS employees in the Lake Charles office to the accident involving the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. It does, however, say that an unnamed "confidential source" told investigators that some MMS inspectors had allowed petroleum company workers to fill out inspection forms in pencil.

According to the unnamed source, the forms would then be completed by MMS inspectors who would write on top of the pencil in ink. The report doesn't establish whether the allegation is true, saying that despite reviewing more than 550 files, investigators "could not discern if any fraudulent alterations were present."
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 現在の大企業若しくは多国籍企業は彼等は何処の地域の一員でもなく“彼等はエイリアンの様に空に舞い上がり其処から地上を眺め、あそこの私の石炭の上に住んでいる奴等は一体何をしているんだ?と言い出した”と アルンダッティ ロイがインドの少数民族の居住地域に埋蔵されている石炭等の地下資源について言った様に、彼等企業人は地球の資源を人間社会の共有物ではなく企業と株主の私有物として考えている様で、其の上環境汚染で何千何万の人々が居住地区を失い病気になり野生の動物達を絶滅の危機に追いやっても金銭的利益が出て入れさえすればどの様な犯罪行為を犯しても利益を追求する心算なのでしょう。
2009年7月のカリフォルニア州スタンフォードビジネススクールでの講義でBPのCEOトニーハワードはBPは彼がCEOの地位に就く前にはBPは間違った方向に向かっていた“何故なら多すぎる人員が地球を救う為に働いていたからだ。”(In July 2009, at a lecture to the Stanford Business School, the CEO of British Petroleum Tony Hayward explained to attendees that BP was going in the wrong direction before he took over as CEO because, "we had too many people that were working to save the world.")等と講演していたのが明らかになり、今回のメキシコ湾の海底油田事故はトニー ヘイワードに率いられたBPの企業の環境を無視する文化が原因になっているのでしょう。BPのトニー ヘイワードがメキシコ湾岸の汚染を視察に訪れた時のビデオを紹介しておきます。此処での原油汚染と戦っている人々やカメラマンへの彼の傲慢な態度を見るとやはりこんな事故を起こす企業のCEOだと思いませんか?

そして今日のミュージックはAll of me(私の全て)ですYoutube見つかった一番古いAll of meはアメリカのスイートハートと呼ばれたRuth Ettingルースエティングでした。彼女は1920年~30年代の女優歌手で60曲にも及ぶヒット曲を出し映画、公演と活躍した人でしたが離婚と元夫による新しい夫の殺人未遂裁判が原因で彼女のキャリアは40年代で終わってしまうんですが彼女は1978年(80歳)まで長生きされたそうです。ちなみに1955年のジェームスキャグニーとドリスデイ主演の映画『Love Me Or Leave Me(ラヴ ミー オア リーヴ ミー)』はルース エティングの話だそうです。上からルース エティング、ビリー ホリディ、ダイナ ワシントン、エラ フィッツジェラルド、そしてサラ ヴォーンの順番です。

All Of Me

Words and Music by Seymour Simons and Gerald Marks
Recorded by Ruth Etting in December, 1931

You took my kisses and all my love
You taught me how to care
Am I to be just remnant of a one side love affair

All you took
I gladly gave
There is nothing left for me to save

All of me
Why not take all of me
Can't you see
I'm no good without you
Take my lips
I want to loose them
Take my arms
I'll never use them
Your goodbye left me with eyes that cry
How can I go on dear without you
You took the part that once was my heart
So why not take all of me

Ruth Etting - All of me (1931)

Billie Holiday - All Of Me (Extended Version) / The Man I Love

Dinah Washington - All of Me

1984 Ella Fitzgerald: All of Me (1)

sarah vaughan all of me

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I remember you(貴方の事を覚えています)

I remember you
Johnny mercer (歌詞)ジョニー マーサー(演奏 ヴォーカル) チェトベイカー

I remember you
Johnny mercer

Was it in Tahiti?
Were we on the Nile?
Long, long ago,
Say an hour or so
I recall that I saw your smile.

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who made my dreams come true
A few kisses ago

I remember you-ooh
You're the one who said "I love you, too"
Yes, I do, didn'tcha know?

I remember, too, a distant bell and stars that fell
Like the rain out of the blue-ooh-ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all
Then I will tell them I remember you-ooh

I remember, too, a distant bell and stars that fell
Just like the rain out of the blue-ooh-ooh-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

When my life is through
And the angels ask me to recall
The thrill of it all
Then I will tell them I remember, tell them I remember
Tell them I remember you

ejnews: 今週はつまらない野暮用で旅をしておりまする。ニュースの翻訳時間が無いので歌詞の翻訳で御茶を濁しています。アメリカのニュースについては悪い事続きで庶民にとっては相変らず良いニュースはありません。BPの海底油田事故が相変らず重要なニュースの一つです。オバマ政権は此の事故にも拘らずメキシコ湾での17箇所の石油採掘を許可していると言うニュースがあります。トンデモネエー話じゃねーかよー!(龍馬風に行くと“まっことしょう呆れて物が言えんぜよ!)となります。
I remember you(“貴方の事を覚えています”“貴方を覚えている”)はジョニーマーサーの有名な歌詞で多くの有名なシンガーによって歌われ続けている名曲で、私が好きなのはチェットベイカーとDinah Washingtonダイナワシントンのヴァージョンです。ジョニーマーサーjohnny mercerはアメリカの有名な作詞家で彼の詩は多くのシンガーによって歌い続けられています。

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11 Facts about Pollution


40% of America’s rivers and 46% of America’s lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life.

The Mississippi River – which drains the lands of nearly 40% of the continental United Sates – carries an estimated 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution into the Gulf of Mexico each year. The resulting dead zone in the Gulf each summer is about the size of Massachusetts.

1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, storm water, and industrial waste are discharged into US waters annually.

Polluted drinking waters are a problem for about half of the world’s population. Each year there are about 250 million cases of water-based diseases, resulting in roughly 5 to 10 million deaths.

Vehicle exhaust contributes roughly 60% of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide, and up to 95% in cities.

Large hog farms emit hydrogen sulfide, a gas that most often causes flu-like symptoms in humans, but at high concentrations can lead to brain damage.

Each year, U.S. factories spew 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the air, land, and water.

In the U.S. 41% of all insecticides are used on corn. Of these, 80% are used to treat a pest that could be controlled simply by rotating a different crop for just one year.

Every year, one American produces over 3,285 pounds of hazardous waste.

Over 80% of items in landfills can be recycled, but they’re not.

Americans generate 30 billion foam cups, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers every year.

ejnews: メキシコ湾のブリティッシュペトロリウム(BP)の海底油田からのオイルの流出は環境に大きな被害を及ぼし4月30日から現在までの期間に18匹の海豚、183匹の海亀の死体が発見されているとのことですが-----------海底油田の掘削装置をBPにリースしているTransocean Ltd(トランスオーシャンLtd) http://blog.al.com/live/2010/05/oil_spill_rig_owner_transocean.html は株主に10億ドルの配当金を支払うと言う事です。此の会社もドゥバイに本部を移したHalliburton(ハリバートン)の様に本部をアメリカから海外に移転した会社の一つでなのですが、如何して本部を海外に移転するのかと言う理由は米政府に税金を払う必要がないとか犯罪捜査等で米国での証言の義務がなくなるとか色々企業にとっては都合の良い事が多いからだそうです。
http://eigonihongonews.blog110.fc2.com/blog-entry-36.html での記事にもある様に使い捨てにされるプラスチックやビニール等も海洋環境破壊の大きな原因の一つです。
Charles Moore - the Great Pacific plastic trash island


World biggest garbage dump - plastic in the Ocean


そして今日のミュージックはあの懐かしいルイ プリマ“ジャスト ア ジゴロ”

ルイ プリマと言っても馴染みの無い方には此れ
I wanna be like you - The Jungle Book

そして暇のある方は http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV8HrpOu1FA此れもどうぞ。

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Apartheid Hits Arizona


New America Media, Commentary, Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, Posted: May 06, 2010

TUCSON HIGH SCHOOL: As I prepare to speak to an innovative class here about indigenous philosophies, the students begin their class in the following manner:

In Lak Ech – Tu eres mi otro yo – You are my other self. I am you and you are me. If I hurt you, I hurt myself. If I hate you, I hate myself. If I love and respect you, I love and respect myself.
イン ラック エック--‐ツ エレス ミ オートロ ヨ-----貴方は別の私自身です。私は貴方そして貴方は私。若し私が貴方を傷つけたら私は私自身を傷付ける。若し私が貴方を憎むなら私は私自身を憎む。若し私が貴方を愛し尊敬すれば私は私自身を愛し尊敬する。

Students here, part of the Tucson Unified School District’s highly successful Mexican American Studies (MAS) K-12 program, the largest in the nation, are taught this and other indigenous concepts, including how to measure time by the Aztec and Mayan calendars. Not coincidentally, academically, MAS students -– many of whom were doing poorly prior to entering this program -– consistently outperform their peers. It is virtually a college-bound factory.

But in the state capital, Phoenix: Arizona’s state superintendent of schools Tom Horne has just engineered the passage of a new draconian state law, HB 2281, that would eliminate all funding for ethnic studies programs.

Five hundred and eighteen years after Columbus initiated the theft of a continent, Horne, the state's would-be governor, is using the passage of HB 2281, to perpetuate the notion that indigenous peoples and indigenous knowledge remain outside of western civilization.

This is the same state that recently passed the racial profiling SB 1070 law; the primary targets would be Mexicans and Central Americans with indigenous features, suspected of being “illegal aliens.”

racial profiling レイシャル プロファイリング:人種的外見に頼って判断する行為。此処では先住民族の血の濃い様な容姿の人はアメリカ国籍を持っていないと判断する行為。アメリカ南西部諸州はアングロサクソンやアイルランド、スコットランド、系が移民し合衆国に併合される以前にはメキシコ領でスペイン人とアメリカ先住民族の混血が併合以前から多いにも拘らず肌の色や容姿でアメリカ人ではないと判断する差別。米合衆国ではracial profilingは違法なのですが--------。

Despite the success of the MAS program, Horne has long expressed the view that the only things that should be taught in Arizona schools are lessons that originate in western or Greco-Roman civilization. While his bill affects the whole state, his primary target has long been Tucson’s program.

Through the bill, Horne mischaracterizes the program by claiming that its teachers preach hate, segregation, anti-Americanism and the violent overthrow of the government. The bill sets up an inquisitorial mechanism that will monitor books and curricula. Horne has been especially critical of Rudy Acuña’s "Occupied America: A History of Chicanos" and Paolo Freire’s "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."

This is not the only effort to punish indigenous peoples in Arizona's educational system. Separately, the Arizona Department of Education has banned teachers with heavy accents from teaching English classes.

Welcome to Apartheid Arizona.

Tucson federal courthouse: Like clockwork, at 1:30 p.m., 70 short, brown men (and sometimes a few women) occupy the left side of the courtroom, shackled at the ankles, the waist, and the wrists. Within one hour, they are charged, tried and convicted en masse of being illegally present in the United States. After being dehumanized, they are then paraded out of the courtroom. Most have either served or are sentenced to the private detention facility, operated by the Correctional Corporation of America (CCA). This drama unfolds every day here except Saturday and Sunday, every week of the year.

Welcome to Operation Streamline. Its goal is to criminalize every migrant that steps into this kangaroo court, while enriching CCA to the tune of $15 million per month.

Southside Tucson: Several days before the state legislature passes SB 1070, a massive raid involving 800 military-clad U.S. federal agents swoops into this primarily Mexican-indigenous community, occupying and terrorizing its residents, all for the purpose of arresting 48 suspects in a human smuggling operation.

Maricopa County: While Sheriff Joe Arpaio denies a racial motivation, over the weekend, he showcases his 15th major “crime sweep” since early 2008 in Phoenix. The sweeps -– which target Mexican-indigenous communities -– may have actually backfired. They provide a glimpse to the world of how the entire state and nation could look like if SB 1070 is affirmed. To conduct these sweeps, Arpaio utilizes the state’s anti-human smuggling law, accusing migrants of being accomplices in their own smuggling. Such a use of the law smacks of official kidnapping and terror.

While there were undoubtedly many Arpaios in South Africa during the apartheid era, there were no Operation Streamlines there. Kangaroo courts yes, but not daily one-hour mass-show trials.

The Arizona-Mexico border: In the realm of violence, Arizona is no South Africa, but we do have our own killing fields. For the past dozen years, some 5,000 migrants have been found dead in the inhospitable desert; medical reports confirm that many have died due to violence, including blunt trauma to the head. That many thousands of migrants are funneled through the desert annually has long been official policy of U.S. immigration officials. Under international law, at best, this could be construed as negligent homicide.

Washington, D.C.: Ironically, in response to these draconian laws and measures, even Democrats have been cowed into pushing for more apartheid measures --walls, more agents and the further militarization of the border -- as a solution.

Just solutions for the problems listed here require calling for international agreements that place human beings at the center, without losing their citizenship, culture, rights or their humanity.

Rodriguez, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, can be reached at: XColumn@gmail.com

ejnews: 日本で報道されているのか如何か分かりませんが、アメリカではアリゾナ州の共和党知事が『違法移民と思われる人間には警察官は身元証明の提示を要求しなければならない!』と言う人種差別丸出しの法律を制定してしまい、アリゾナ州はアメリカ全国から非難されています。若し特定の警察官がこの法を無視すれば市民がこの法を無視した警察官を裁判に訴える事が出来ると言うトンでもない法律なのです。結果として幾つかの都市がアリゾナをボイコットし始め多くの団体がアリゾナでの旅行やコンベンションをキャンセルし、終に共和党までも2012年の共和党全国委員会コンベンション予定をアリゾナ州のフェニックス市からフロリダ州タンパ市に移動させたのだそうです。此れでだけでアリゾナ州は2億ドルの収入を失う事になるそうです。
処で5月16日ば有名なフランスのジャズギタリスト、ジャンゴラインハルトの亡くなった日です。1953年でした。火事で左手の2本の指が不自由だったにも拘らずジャズギターの草分けとなった人です。彼は人種差別されていたジプシーだったのですが第二次大戦中ドイツに占領されたパリも自由に演奏出来ただけでなくドイツ占領下諸国での演奏旅行も自由に出来たそうです。バイオリニストのStéphane Grappelliステファングラッペリと1934年に結成したQuintette du Hot Club de France(キンテット ドゥ ホット クラブ デ フランス)は有名なジャズグループでした。

Django Reinhardt - Swing Night (Hague, 1937)

Django Reinhardt - J'attendrai Swing 1939

Django Reinhardt - Honeysuckle Rose

Django Reinhardt Video Quintette du Hot Club de France

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Lena Horne Dies at 92 リナ ホーン死去、92歳

Lena Horne Dies at 92


Jazz singer, actress and political activist Lena Horne died on May 9 at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, her son-in-law Kevin Buckley has announced. Hospital spokeswoman Gloria Chin confirmed the news, but would not give further details, Popeater.com is reporting.
ジャズシンガー、女優そして政治活動家リナホーンは5月9日ニューヨーク、プレスビタリアン病院で死去と彼女の義理の息子ケヴィン バックレイ氏は発表した。病院のスポークスマン グロリア チンはニュースを確認したが其れ以上の仔細については言及しなかったとPopeater.comは報じている。

The 92-year-old started her career as nightclub performer before launching careers in movies, television and theater. Horne’s most famous films include the MGM musicals ‘Cabin in the Sky’ and ‘Stormy Weather.’ But being a spokesperson for civil rights throughout her life, her films were touched by racism and were often censored in Southern states.
92歳だったホーンは映画でのキャリアを始める前、彼女のキャリアをナイトクラブパフォーマーとして始めた。ホーンの最も有名な映画はMGMのミュージカル“キャビン イン ザ スカイ”と“ストーミー ウエザー(嵐の様な天候)”を含めていたが一生を通じて公民権運動のスポークスマンだった事により彼女の映画は人種差別によって影響を受け南部の各州で頻繁に検閲を受けた。

According to PEOPLE, Horne became bitter with Hollywood in the late 1940s. She secretly married composer and musical director Lennie Hayton in Paris, as interracial marriages were illegal in California at the time. She later became one of the most visible celebrities during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Horne joined the 1963 march in Washington, D.C. when Martin Luther Knig,Jr., gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.
ピープルによればホーンは1940年代後半ハリウッドに失望した。当時異人種間結婚はカリフォルニア州で違法だった為彼女は指揮者で音楽監督だったレニー ヘイトンとパリで結婚。彼女は後に1960年代の公民権運動期最も有名なセレブリティー(セレブ)の一人となる。マーチン ルーサー キングJrが“私には夢がある”の演説をした時の1963年のワシントンD.C.での行進にホーンは参加していた。

Horne later became an icon on Broadway, having starred in a one-woman show in 1981. The show,“Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music” won a Tony Award.
ホーンは後に1981年のワンウーマンショーに主演しブロードウエイのアイコンとなる。其のショー“リナ ホーン:ザ レイディー&ハー ミュージック”はトニー賞受賞。

Written by: Karen Benardello

ejnews: Lena Horneリナ ホーン、彼女は1930年代からアクトレス、シンガーとして活躍しただけでなく第二次大戦中はUSO(United Service Organizations Inc.エンターテイナーが戦時中の軍人を慰問するための団体)で人種によって座る場所が定められているショーを拒否、“赤狩り”で有名な50年代は政治思想が原因でブラックリストに載せられ、公民権運動の為の活動、等美人で歌が上手いだけでなく自由平等の為に戦う活動家でもあったのです。アメリカのアクター、ミュージッシャンの中には民主主義を擁護発展させる為に活動する人が多いですね。

Lena Horne - Unlucky Woman

Lena Horne - Stormy Weather (1943)

LENA HORNE sings "You'd Better Love Me" 1967

Sesame Street: Lena Teaches Grover To Say "How Do You Do?"

Lena Horne on To Basie With Love TV, 1982

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Time after Time タイム アフター タイム

ejnews: メキシコ湾で油田事故があり、ギリシャでは市民に死傷者の出るデモが起こり、アメリカのイラクやアフガニスタンの軍事支配は続き、国家財政の50%以上がペンタゴンの軍事費に費やされる-----------詰まり米庶民の税金の半分以上が爆弾や人殺しの鉄の塊、ブラックウオーターに様な傭兵会社に吸い取られているのです。

 処で、問題のメキシコ湾の油田事故の責任者であるBP(ブリティッシュペトロリウム)は昔から大きな問題を起こす事で悪名が高く、古くはThe Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC)アングロペルシアンオイルカンパニーと呼ばれ民主主義国家の道を歩んでいたイランの歴史を全く違った方向に転換させた事は欧米の資源目的の違法政治介入の典型の一つとして有名です。(イランの石油をイギリスが支配していた頃の話です。イランは当時ペルシャと呼ばれ1936年国名がイランと改名され会社名もAnglo Iranian Oil Company (AIOC)アングロイラニアンオイルカンパニーとなる。イランは利益の16%しか受け取れなかった。1954年にBPブリティッシュペトロリウムに改名。1951年に民主的に選ばれたモハマドモサデクがイラン首相になり石油の国営化を実行しイギリスを追い出した事でイギリスのチャーチルとアメリカの国務長官と中央情報局長官のドュラス兄弟が影響力を持つ米国との間でモサデク首相に対する(Operation Ajax)エイジャックス作戦と言うクーデターが計画実行され、皇帝パーレビを傀儡として国家元首の座につける事に成功し、パーレビの圧政は反米感情事になりだけでなく後のホメイニ革命も引き起こす。此の英米のイランの石油支配の為のクーデターは後の中近東の民主主義を徹底的に破壊した大きな原因である事は多くの歴史家によって説明されている。)

 そして今日のミュージックはチェト ベイカーChet Bakerによる、フランク シナトラによって初めて歌われてから多くの歌手によって歌われているジャズの古典『タイムアフタータイム』日本語の歌詞にするには一寸難しいので意味だけを訳しておきます。後は自分なりの歌詞にして聞いて下さい。

Time after time

最も一般的に知られているチェット ベイカーの『タイム アフター タイム』

Time after time
I tell myself that I’m
so lucky to be loving you
so lucky to be
the one you run to see
in the evening when the day is through

I only know what I know
the passing years will show
you’ve kept my love so young, so new

And time after time
You’ll hear me say that I’m
so lucky to be loving you.

[horn solo] トランペットソロ

I only know what I know
the passing years will show
you’ve kept my love so young, so new

And time after time
You’ll hear me say that I’m
so lucky to be loving you.

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California Dreamin' カリフォルニアドリーミング

California Dreamin'
The mamas and the papas

All the leaves are brown
(All the leaves are brown)

And the sky is gray.
(And the sky is gray).

I've been for a walk
(I've been for a walk)
On a winter's day.
(On a winter's day).

I'd be safe and warm
(I'd be safe and warm)
if I was in L.A.
(If I was in L.A.)
California dreamin'
(California dreamin') on such a winter's day.

Stopped in to a church I passed along the way.
Well I got down on my knees
(got down on my knees)
And I pretend to pray.
(I pretend to pray).
You know the preacher likes the cold.
(preacher likes the cold).
He knows I'm gonna stay.
(knows I'm gonna stay).
California dreamin'
(California dreamin') on such a winter's day.

All the leaves are brown
(All the leaves are brown)
And the sky is gray.
(And the sky is gray).
I've been for a walk
(I've been for a walk)
On a winter's day.
(On a winter's day).

If I didn't tell her
(If I didn't tell her)
I could leave today.
(I could leave today).
California dreamin' (California dreamin')on such a winter's day,
California dreamin' on such a winter's day,
California dreamin' on such a winter's day.

ejnews: 最近一寸野暮用で忙しく記事の翻訳が出来ないので昔懐かしい“ザ ママズ アンド ザ パパス” The mamas and the papasの『カリフォルニア ドリーミング』等を訳してお茶を濁して居ます。現実のカリフォルニアはアーノルドが無能でカリフォルニア ドリーミングどころの御話しではないのですが11月の選挙で若しかするとマリファナが合法になるかも知れないとの話もあります。

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Arundhhati Roy’s version of disaster in this “year of India”
アルンダッティ ロイによる此の"インドの年"の大災難について。


Arundhati Roy is giving us “the other side of the story” in this “Year of India” at Brown University and elsewhere. Media consumers in the US don’t get it all in the TED talks, or in Nandan Nilekani’s success epic, much less in Tom Friedman’s relentless celebrations of the Bangalore boom in the New York Times. I sat with Ms. Roy for an hour and a half near MIT last Friday — first time since her book tour in another life, with the Booker Prize novel, The God of Small Things in 1998. This time she was just off a remarkable journalistic coup for Outlook India — an “embedded” report from the so-called “Maoist” uprising in the Northeastern states of India, the rebellion that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called India’s greatest security threat and Arundhati Roy calls a battle for India’s soul.

TED (short for Technology, Entertainment, Design)TEDはテクノロジー、エンターテイメント、デザイン、の頭文字。ノンプロフィット団体。TEDは其のコンファレンスで有名。

“embedded” エンべデッドとは軍隊と同行し軍事行動を報道すると言う意味。通常軍隊から見た戦況を報告する傾向があり、客観性に欠けるという批判が有る。最近のアメリカのイラク、アフガニスタン侵略戦争での企業メディア報道は専ら此の“embedded” reportエンべデッドリポートである。

AR: What does the boom do? It created a huge middle class — because India is a huge country, even a small percentage is a huge number of people — and it is completely invested in this process. So it did lift a large number of people into a different economic bracket altogether — now more billionaires in India than in China, and so on. But it created a far larger underclass being pushed into oblivion. India is home to the largest number of malnourished children in the world. You have 180,000 small farmers who’ve drunk pesticide and committed suicide because they’ve been caught in the death trap. You have a kind of ecocide where huge infrastructural projects are causing a drop in the water table. No single river now flows to the sea. There is a disaster in the making.

The way I see it, we had a feudal society decaying under the weight of its caste system, and so on. It was put into a machine and churned and some of the old discriminations were recalibrated. But what happened was that the whole separated into a thin layer of thick cream, and the rest of it is water. The cream is India’s market, which consists of many millions of people who buy cellphones and televisions and cars and Valentine’s Day cards; and the water is superfluous people who are non-consumers and just pawns who need to be drained away.

Those people are now rising up and fighting the system in a whole variety of ways. There’s what I call a bio-diversity of resistance. There are Gandhians on the road, and there are Maoists in the forests. But all of them have the same idea: that this development model is only working for some and not for others.

CL: How do we Americans listen for a true Indian identity in this period of fantastic growth and, as you say, fantastic suffering?

AR: You know, I have stopped being able to think of things like Americans and Indians and Chinese and Africans. I don’t know what those words mean anymore. Because in America, as in India and in China, what has happened is that the elites of these countries and the corporations that support their wealth and generate it form tham have seceded into outer space. They live somewhere in the sky, and they are their own country. And they look down on the bauxite in Orissa and the iron ore in Chhattisgarh and they say: ‘what is our bauxite doing in their mountains?’ They then justify to themselves the reasons for these wars.

If you look at what is going on now in that part of the world, from Afghanistan to the northeast frontiers of Pakistan, to Waziristan, to this so-called “red corridor” in India, what you’re seeing is a tribal uprising. And it’s taking the form of radical Islam in Afghanistan. It’s taking the form of radical Communism in India. It’s taking the form of struggles for self-determination in the northeastern states. But it’s a tribal uprising, and the assault on them is coming from the same place. It’s coming from free-market capitalism’s desire to capture and control what it thinks of as resources. I think ‘resources’ is a problematic word because these things cannot be replenished once they are looted. But that is really the thing. And the people who are able to fight are those who are outside of the bar-coded, cellphone-networked, electronic age — who cannot be tracked and who can barely be understood.

It’s a clash of civilizations, but not in the way that (Samuel P.) Huntington meant, you know. It’s an inability to understand that the world has to change, or there will be — I mean, as we know, capitalism contains within itself the idea of a protracted war. But in that war… either you learn to keep the bauxite in the mountains, or you’re not going to benefit from preaching morality to the victims of this war. A victory for this sort of establishment and its army and its nuclear weapons will never be a victory. Because your victory is your defeat, you know?

ejnews: 一寸前にインドで対テロリズム警備隊がインドの毛沢東主義共産党過激派(マオイスト)によって攻撃され大勢の死傷者を出したというニュースが報道されたのを覚えていられる方も多いと思います。私はインドでは専らコカコーラやモンサントのGMOコットンによる被害者である農民のニュースばかり追っていましたのでインドで共産党ゲリラ戦!と驚いてしまったのです。そこで早速インドと言えばアルンダッティ ロイと言う事で彼女の名前をグーグルしてみると案の定彼女はマオイストゲリラと呼ばれる人々の間で共に暮らし取材していたのです!一寸長いエッセイですが詳しくは此処Walking With The Comrades 彼女によると、此のマオイスト共産主義ゲリラと呼ばれる人々はインド独立以来西欧的中央集権国家政府の犠牲になり続けたインド各地の貧しい部族達による先祖から受け継いできた居住地域、歴史、習慣、伝統的生活を守り、独立後都市と地域住人の間の収入の格差等の不平等に対する戦いだと言うことだそうです。此の反乱はネクサライトの反乱と呼ばれ西ベンガルのネクサルバリ村Naxalbariから始まったマオイスト(毛沢東主義)の反乱の為“ネクサライト反乱”と呼ばれているそうです。彼等は灌漑と言う巨大土木事業により土地や生活基盤を失ったり、此の記事にもあるボーキサイトや鉄鉱石採掘による環境破壊で伝統的歴史的居住地を追われたりした人々で、独立以後歴史的不平等なカスト社会への共産主義による批判等と合体し長年に亘るゲリラ戦を戦っていると言う事です。此れは全く最近人気の高かった映画『アヴァター』ではありませんか!アヴァターはヒンドゥー教の神が人間界に現れる時に人間に見える形態を“アヴァターラ”Avataraと言い英語ではappearance出現、姿、外見 manifestation明示、現れの様な言葉に近いそうで、映画『アヴァター』は其の英語訳で映画『アヴァター』の戦いが語源のインドで戦われているのも興味深い話ですが、此のアヴァターの戦いはインドだけでなく西欧型資本主義の侵略している地域では何処でも見られる戦いで中南米でのキューバの米帝国からの独立戦争、米中央情報局のクーデターにより挫折させられたガテマラのハコボ アルベンツ大統領の改革や、南米アマゾン流域の原住民の欧米石油企業の環境犯罪に対する戦い、そしてボリビアのエボモラレス大統領による欧米資本に対する戦いも正にアヴァターの戦い以外何物でもないのです。そして多国籍企業による地下資源採掘で犠牲になっている世界中の貧しい部族達にとっては現代生活を享受している我々は間接的な加害者でも有るのです。

Maoists being forced into violence: Arundhati
マオイスト達は暴力に頼らなければならない状態に強いられた:アルンダティ ロイ。


Arundhati Roy DroppingKnowledge.org
アルンダティ ロイDroppingKnowledge.org(ドロッピングノウレッジ.org)


40 Years of Naxalbari Uprising - Maoist Naxalite India

Failed State, INDIA, will soon FALL to NAXALITE Insurgents - India is DOOMED!

アルンダティロイが冒頭にインドの富裕層は低所得層から遊離してしまい、恰も欧米人が見るように、そして異なる言語を話している様にインド低所得層の実情が理解出来ない様になっていると説明している。地図の赤い部分が“レッドコリドアー赤い回廊”と呼ばれるマオイストゲリラの支配地域です。インド政府はマオイスト対策の為しばしば村全体を強制移住させ住民に武器を与え不十分な訓練の後自警団を組織させマオイストに対して戦う様に操っている。此の政策にはSalwa Judumと言う住民組織に資金援助し、其の中からSPO(スペシャルポリースオアフィサーズ)と言う警察組織を構成させマオイストに対抗させる事が含まれている。此れによって地域部族間での抗争がより悪化してしまった。アルンダティロイは問題の根本はインド富裕層が恰も空に舞い上がりインド民衆から遊離してしまいエイリアンとなり地上に有る地下資源を彼等の所有物として捉えていると非難している。Ajai Sahni氏は此のビデオの後半にインドは世界で最大規模の民主主義国家であると主張しているが現実は100人以上の政治家が凶悪犯罪で非難されていて、疎の様な状態はインド庶民によって改革不可能な事からインドが民主主義国家である事は全くの嘘であると語っている。アルンダティロイも最後にインドが民主主義であると言う主張は21世紀最大のPR詐欺だと締め括っている。

The REAL "Avatar!" (full movie)

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