How Prime Minister Hatoyama can
stop the "Japan Bashing"

by Mike Whitney

Japan should not allow itself to be publicly humiliated by the world's biggest human rights abuser. It has many tools at its disposal which can be used to persuade sanctimonious senators and flannel-mouth congressmen that they need to stop their belligerent grandstanding for the cameras. The new Japanese government--particularly Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama--should be proactive in defending the reputation of its premier car manufacturer and national icon, Toyota. This is more than just a matter of saving face. It's way to change the fundamental relationship between the United States and Japan by demanding that each partner be treated with respect and dignity. To achieve this goal, the prime minister should convene an emergency meeting of his administration and top members of the business community. They should outline steps that will be taken pell mell if there is not a manifest improvement in the rhetoric and an end to the Japan bashing.

The Japanese central bank (BOJ) presently holds more than $1 trillion US Treasurys and dollar-backed assets. PM Hatoyama should announce that USTs will be liquidated incrementally at 5 percent per week until the balance is zero.

The government should warn that it will temporarily close Toyota plants now operating in the United States at a pace of one per month.

There should be a thorough review of import tariff policy, with the prospect of raising tariffs on US imports by 30 to 50 percent.

US nationals working in Japan should be required to update their Visas on a monthly basis pending resolution of the Toyota controversy.

New regulations ands should be targeted at US industries and financial institutions operating in Japan.

Hatoyama should appoint a blue ribbon commission to determine whether US military bases in Japan should be terminated or mothballed.

Toyota should make every effort to repair its vehicles and make sure that the people who were injured or killed are fairly compensated. That said, it's mistake for the government to sit back and allow Toyota (and Japan) to be dragged through the mud in front of the entire world. The assault on Toyota has far exceeded any response by congress to the many US corporations who pollute the air, poison the water, or destroy the environment with impunity.

The US congress--which supported a war that killed over one million Iraqis--is in no position to pass judgment on others. It is a thoroughly corrupt institution.

Japan needs to defend its national honor. It's up to Prime Minister Hatoyama, to let Washington know--in no uncertain terms-- that the attacks on Toyota will stop immediately or there will be a heavy price to pay.


Targeting Toyota: US Economic War Directed Against Japan


Does anyone really believe that Toyota is being pilloried in the media for a few highway fatalities?

Nonsense. If Congress is so worried about innocent people getting killed, then why haven't they indicted US commander Stanley McChrystal for blowing up another 27 Afghan civilians on Sunday?

But this isn't about bloodshed and it's certainly not "safety regulations". It's about politics--bare-knuckle Machiavellian politics. An attack on Toyota is an attack on Japan's leading export. It is an act of war. Here's a excerpt from the New York Times which explains what is really going on:

"The Japanese economy has emerged from its worst recession since World War II, but is still reeling. Japan must do more to lift its economy out of deflation and boost long-term growth", S.&P. said.

“The outlook change reflects our view that the Japanese government’s diminishing economic policy flexibility may lead to a downgrade unless measures can be taken to stem and deflationary pressures,” S.&P. said. “The policies of the new Democratic Party of Japan government point to a slower pace of fiscal consolidation than we had previously expected.”

President Barack Obama is expected to address similar worries in the Untied States on Wednesday, with a call for a freeze in spending on many domestic programs, a move he hopes will quell perceptions that government spending is out of control. Fiscal problems in Greece and Ireland have also helped put the spotlight on the issue of national debt." ("Japan’s High Debt Prompts Credit Rating Warning", HIROKO TABUCHI AND BETTINA WASSENER, NY Times)
バラックオバマ大統領は米国で水曜日に同様の不安について語る事が予想されている。其れは国内のプログラムへの支出凍結への呼びかけが含まれていて政府の支出がコントロール出来ないでいると言う認識を鎮める事を期待した動きである。ギリシャとアイルランドの財政問題も国家負債問題へスポットライトを当てる事に貢献している。(“日本の高負債はクレディットレイティングへの警戒を促した。” HIROKO TABUCHI AND BETTINA WASSENER, NY Times)

Japan's new liberal government is fighting deflation using the traditional methodology, by lowering interest rates and increasing fiscal stimulus. But that's not what Washington wants. Neoliberal policymakers and their buddies in the right-wing think tanks want "fiscal consolidation" which means harsh austerity measures that will deepen the recession, increase unemployment, and trigger a wave of defaults and bankruptcies. This is how western corporatists and bank tycoons keep their thumb on the developing world and thrust their economies into perennial crisis. It's the "shock doctrine" and it's been the IMF's modus operandi for over 20 years. Japan is being stuffed into a fiscal straight-jacket by supporters of the Washington consensus whose goal is to weaken government and accelerate the privatization of and services.


The ratings agencies are being used in the same way as the media; to wage an economic/guerrilla war on Japan and force the administration to rethink their economic policies. (Note: There is no chance that Japan will default on its debt because it pays its debts in its own currency and has large foreign exchange reserves of over $1 trillion) The attacks on Toyota are a way of showing Tokyo what happens to countries that fail to obey Washington's orders.

Here's a clip from the New York Times which sums up the problem in a nutshell:

The government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has "bolstered spending on social programs aimed at helping households......The powerful lower house of parliament approved a supplementary budget for the fiscal year that ends in March worth \7.2 trillion, or $80.3 billion, to help shore up the economy...And next year, government spending will grow further with a record trillion-dollar budget including ambitious welfare outlays. (New York Times)

Western elites will not tolerate economic policies which raise the standard of living for the average working slob. "Social programs" or "welfare outlays" are anathema to their trickle down, Voodoo capitalist orthodoxy. What they want is upward redistribution and class warfare. Regrettably, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has put himself at odds with US powerbrokers and is feeling the full measure of their wrath. His public approval ratings have plummeted to 37 percent and are headed downward still. The message is simple: Cross Washington and you're a goner.

Mike Whitney is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Mike Whitney

ejnews: と言う御話しでした。此の2つの記事を書いたMike Whitney氏はどの様な人か余り知らないので此の記事がどれだけ現実を反映しているのか不明ですが、日本の自民党等は米中央情報局からの資金援助を受けていた歴史もあり、1990年代の日本で“失われた10年”と呼ばれている時期もレーガン大統領と中曽根首相時代のPlaza Accordプラザ合意の後に起こり、当時の中曽根は此の言葉を聴くと“ネオリベラル自由市場経済主義”と直ぐ解かる民営化で3公社民営化等を実施、其の後に小泉等という人も米金融Oligarchyオリガーキーの利益になる様な民営化で有名になった等を思い出すと何と無く日本の歴代政権はアメリカの意向通りに仕えて来たのでは?と言う批判も強ち間違った想像ではないかも知れませんねえ。
 唯、2003年に書かれたUCLAロサンジェルス、カリフォルニア州立大学の経済学教授Deepak Lalディーパックラル氏の或る記事の一部によると『プラザ合意以降ドル安円高政策が採られ結果的に1980~90年代の日本人の海外投資の利益は帳消しとなり、しかもアメリカの負債を米国債を買い続けると言う行為で援助し続けたた日本人には現在何も残っていない。』と言う様な記事もありますから日本はアメリカに上手くこき使われていると言う見方をしている経済の専門家も実際アメリカにはいるようです。貴方は如何思いますか?

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International media coverage
distorts Venezuela’s realty.


Recent headlines in newspapers around the world evidence the evolution and continuation of a coordinated campaign to defame and discredit Venezuela
“Venezuelan police break up anti-Chavez protest”, headlined a recent Washington Post story. “So Why Isn’t Venezuela on the State Sponsor of Terror List?” titled a blog of the Heritage Foundation last week, one of Washington’s most influential think tanks. “Venezuela’s Chavez: Twitter Messages are Terrorist Threats”, read yet another byline,
tweeted across the web. Other major papers, ranging from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, amongst numerous others around the world, recycle and repeat the same messages over and over again each week about Venezuela and its alleged “dictatorship”.

Coverage of events in Venezuela last Thursday, February 4 in the international press evidence what appears to be an intentional distortion of facts. “Police used tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannons to scatter hundreds of students protesting against the government Thursday”, detailed The Washington Post, highlighting the story as though it were top, breaking news. The article went on to include whiny statements from student opposition leaders crying “abuse of power” because police forces prevented them from engaging in an illegal march.

What the Post story omitted was how opposition protestors provoked the police and security forces by throwing bottles and rocks at them, and in one case, setting off a small explosive that left at least one officer injured and bleeding from the head.
The article also failed to mention that those student demonstrators flaunted “non-violence” slogans before the cameras, while subsequently flailing hard objects at police and public property


Would a protest of several hundred students in the US make the national headlines in The Washington Post, a top daily paper? It’s doubtful, in fact, the answer is no. Marches of thousands - tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands - in the US barely get any coverage at all in the US media.
So why is it breaking news when it comes from Venezuela? Generally, pro-Chavez demonstrations are not newsworthy, according to the international press.
Thousands – millions – can march to support President Chavez and be ignored
by the media, but a few dozen opposition protestors breaking the law get full frontal coverage.

The obvious reason lies in the interests shared between those protesting and those reporting. Both have a stake in removing Chavez from office, so both will do everything possible, including lying, manipulating and distorting the facts, to make that happen.


Coincidently, the same day the Post story ran, a high level US official made public declarations backing the media distortion of the previous day’s protest in Venezuela. Thomas Shannon, former Sub-Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
and current US Ambassador to Brazil, called on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to “not repress his adversaries”.
“Venezuela is going through a difficult moment”, declared Shannon during a press conference in Brazil.
President Chavez should “not repress his people, but rather listen to them”,
implored the US official.

The obvious double standard and hypocrisy of the US government is clearly evidenced in Shannon’s stern warnings to the Venezuelan head of state. But again, the question
arises as to why controlling an illegal protest, that has no authorization or permit to march, and seeks to destroy public property, block vital roadways and transit, and attack police officers is considered repression?
Any who have ever attended or witnessed a public protest in the US know very well that without clear authorization from local authorities, the demonstration will be considered illegal and all will be arrested who fail to abide by police orders.
And if the protest is given the appropriate permission, the proportion of security forces to protesters is at least 3 to 1. In the event of any kind of violence or public disorder,
immediate arrests will result.


Generally, the messages against Venezuela that are repeated and amplified in mass media are first presented by a US official during some kind of declaration or statement.
Subsequent to Ambassador Shannon’s reference to a “difficult moment” in Venezuela last Friday, the Miami Herald headlined “Venezuela heads toward disaster”, on its editorial page.

“What little is left of Venezuela’s democracy has taken a literal beating from President Hugo Chavez’s uniformed goon squads – again”, said the editorial, with a call for
“regional leaders to act” against the Venezuelan president, “before bloodshed” occurs. The distortion of language in the Herald editorial, while not surprising, is dangerous.
“Literal beating” and “uniformed goon squads”, are terms used to refer to a brutal dictatorial regime, and not a democratic government supported by more than 58% of the
population, according to the latest polls.

And again, no police or security forces have ever “beaten” any protestors in any marches during the Chavez administration. However, before Chavez was elected in
1998, mass detentions, disappearances, assassinations and torture frequently occured against student demonstrators protesting the repressive “democratic” regimes of
the past.

Thousands of student and leftist activists were disappeared and tortured in Venezuela between the 1960s – 1990s. Several massacres of political activists and protestors
that occured in the Venezuela before Chavez are well documented, such as the Caracazo in 1989 and Cantaura in 1982. Nothing of the sort has ever taken place during the Chavez administration.

After last week’s release of the Annual Threat Assessment Report by the Director of National Intelligence, which referred to Chavez as an “Anti- US Leader”, political and media outlets are scarily pushing the link between Venezuela and terrorism even

“It’s past time to put Venezuela on the list of state sponsors of terrorism”, implored an article from the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington.
Other press outlets are using the intelligence report as an excuse to officially add the adjectives “anti-American”, “tyrant”, “dictator”, “authoritarian” and “terrorist” to President Chavez’s name.


This type of campaign works to condition public opinion in order to achieve approval for a future act of aggression against a nation or an individual target. Similar campaigns
have occured against Irak, Panama, Cuba, Iran, Honduras and other nations considered adversarial or insubordinate to US Empire, in order to justify wars, invasions, coups and select assassinations.

The media distortion and manipulation of Venezuela’s reality is not new, but it is escalating at a dangerous pace. As the US seeks to justify its largest military presence
in Latin America ever - through the recent agreement with Colombia to establish seven military bases off the Venezuelan border – the media campaign works simultaneously to prepare an international audience for the possibility of placing Venezuela on the state sponsors of terrorism list this year.
T/ Eva Golinger

ejnews:  此の記事にもある様に米政府が次にどの地域を侵略するかは企業メディアのニュースを読んでいると特に悪役にされている人物や国家が標的になってるのは当然誰でも理解して態々説明する必要は無いのですが、例えばオサマ ビン ラデンを理由に侵略されたアフガニスタン、理由は石油パイプラインとヘロイン、サダムフセインのイラクは当然石油(市場での石油の取引量のコントロールと将来の石油の確保)、一寸昔はパナマの政治実権を握っていたオマート リホスOmar Torrijos、彼は日本の永野 重雄とパナマ運河拡張を計画し、此の計画が米国を非常に憤慨させたと言う事でレーガンが大統領になったとたんトリホスは怪しげな飛行機事故で死亡、この事件は後にパナマの軍事独裁者となったノリエガが弁護士を通し米国の手引きによる暗殺の証拠を持っていると主張しましが法的操作で其の証拠は法廷に提出される事を拒否されたと言う事です。(こんな話はゴロゴロ転がっていますね)最近は中南米とアフリカの資源がより欧米だけでなく中国や韓国からも注目されている様で資源獲得競争は一段と激しくなっていくのでしょうね。唯、現在の所、欧米と他の国家の資源獲得競争の方法上の相違は欧米はIMF、ワールドバンクの他に米軍、米中央情報局、NATO軍 、を手先に使うと言う点ではないでしょうか?
 最近まではIMFやワールドバンクの様なヤクザ高利貸しの詐欺行為でキューバ以外の発展途上国は簡単に騙されてきたのですが(騙されない場合は1953年米中央情報局のクーデターによって倒されたMohammed Mosaddeqモハマド モザデク首相や---<詳しくはOperation Ajaxで調べて下さい。>---又、ガテマラのハコボ アルベンツ大統領Jacobo Árbenz Guzmánに対するクーデター、詳しくは---Operation PBFORTUNE---Operation PBHISTORY---で調べて下さい。そして、1973年9月11日のチリのアイェンデ大統領Salvador Allendeに対する米中央情報局が支援するピノチェット将軍Pinochetの軍事クーデターの様な事が起こるのです。此のアイェンデ大統領Salvador Allendeに対するクーデターにはペプシコーラ、ITTインターナショナルテレフォン&テレグラフ等も絡んでいたのですが此の話は又後ほど)ウーゴ チャヴェスがヴェネズエラの大統領になってからはIMFやワールドバンク、米中央情報局も効果を失い、中南米はチャヴェス大統領の存在に力づけられたかの様に次々と進歩的若しくは社会主義的政策を掲げる政権が誕生し始め、ボリビアのエボ モラレス大統領Evo Moralesも南米初の原住民出身の大統領で、彼のボリビアでの民主主義の為の戦いは中南米の政治的進歩として注目するべき出来事で、此のブログでも過去に紹介したパラグアイのフェルナンド ルゴ大統領Fernando Lugoも“解放の神学”Liberation theologyと呼ばれるソシャリズムやコミュニズムに影響を受けた中南米特有のカトリックの教義を信じる宗派の御坊さんなのです。これ等の中南米の政治変化はブッシュ政権がアフガニスタンとイラクで釘付けとなった事が大きな原因の様ですが、最近のニュースではヴェネズエラの石油埋蔵量が世界一だと言うニュースもあり、石油の価格が将来又上昇するとチャヴェスのボリヴァリアン革命派(Bolivarian Revolution)は中南米にアメリカ以上の影響力を与え続ける事が出来るのですからチャヴェス大統領が目の上のタンコブになっていた米政府のヴェネズエラ軍事包囲網強化もナルほどね!と言う話です。

翻訳した記事はPostcards from the Revolution“革命からの葉書”と言うブログにのせてあるCorreo del Orinoco international editionコレオデルオリノコ国際版と言うヴェネズエラの新聞の英語版からです。
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Special treatment for terrorist
Posada Carriles in the US
米合衆国でのテロリスト、ポサダ カリレスへの特別待遇。

While Washington implements extreme measures against passengers and flights from 14 “suspect terrorist” countries, including Cuba, Federal Judge Kathleen Cardone authorized use of private plane for a violent international criminal to get him to court on time

Luis Posada Carriles, now 82 years old, and currently living freely in Miami, is responsible for a terrorist attack against a Cuban airplane in October 1976 that killed all 73 passengers on board, along with numerous other terrorist and criminal activities. After his reappearance in 2005 in the US, the Venezuelan government formally solicited his extradition, based on a pending criminal case against Posada for his key role in planning the bombing of the Cuban airliner while in Venezuela. The State Department has ignored the request.
ルイス ポサダ カリレス、現在82歳、そして今マイアミに住んで居る。彼は他の多くのテロリストと犯罪行為で1976年10月の73人の乗客を殺害したキューバの旅客機に対するテロリズム攻撃の責任者である。2005年米合衆国での彼の再浮上の後、ヴェネズエラ政府はキューバ旅客機への爆発物テロ計画のポサダの重要な役割に対する続行している犯罪訴訟を理由に彼の身柄引き渡しを要求したが米国務省は此の要求を無視した。

A Cuban native and naturalized Venezuelan citizen, Posada Carriles was imprisoned in Venezuela following the fateful bombing in 1976, but he later escaped and fled abroad. As a former CIA agent, he
eventually received the unspoken protection of the US government.


Posada was temporarily detained for his illegal entry to the US in 2005 and held at an immigration facility until he was indicted for immigration fraud in 2007. But in a stroke of luck for the aging terrorist, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone dismissed the case, accusing the prosecutors of manipulating evidence resulting from an interview with Posada in 2006. But Judge Cardone’s decision wasn’t only based on legal standards, in her judicial opinion she hailed Posada as an “anticommunist fighter”, evidencing that the case meant more to her than a question of law.

In 2008, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed Cardone’s ruling and a new trial date was set for March 1, 2010. Posada appealed to the US Supreme Court, but his request for a hearing was denied.
The fraud indictment now includes additional evidence charging Posada with lying about his involvement in the 1976 airline bombing and other terrorist activities. Prosecutors also allege he lied about his role in the 1997 bombings of Cuban hotels, which resulted in the death of an Italian tourist. Posada had previously admitted involvement in the hotel bombings in a 1999 interview in the New York Times, later recanting.


Now, Posada must appear again before the court in El Paso, Texas, his port of illegal entry into the US, on Feburary 5 for a routine hearing, and again for the start of the trial on March 1. His US-based lawyers have admitted that ironically, their client “can’t travel on commercial US airlines because he is classified as a terrorist”, although they argued before the court that “he is not a terrorist”. Posada Carriles is, indeed, listed by the FBI as a terrorist for his numerous criminal activities over the decades that have caused the death and injury of over 100 people and the destruction of various buildings and installations.

In a strange twist, Judge Kathleen Cardone authorized private air transport for the FBI-listed terrorist in order to guarantee his court appearance.
The bizarre decision, which some question as unethical and contradictory with US security policy, was apparently based on a medical note from Dr. Alberto Hernandez, Posada’s physician, who testified his patient has “hypertension, high cholesterol and a skin disease”, that prevents him from traveling long distances by bus or other land transport. The former CIA agent has utilized various “health conditions” to get out of court appearances or request judicial leniency in the past in Panamá and the US.
The decision by Judge Cardone determined that “travel by private plane is necessary
because Mr. Posada is prohibited from commercial air travel”.

Journalist Jean-Guy Allard reported that Alberto “Al” Herreros, the man who is reportedly paying for Posada Carriles’ charter flight to El Paso, once ran a company linked to drug trafficking and covert aid to the CIA-backed Contras in Nicaragua.
The US has an arsenal of laws and regulations that prohibit terrorist suspects or known terrorists from traveling on commercial airlines. These rules have often been applied to innocent people whose names are similar to those on the “no-fly” or “terrorist” list, as in the case of Michael Winston Hicks, today 8 years old, who has been aggressively searched in airports by Homeland Security agents since the age of two.
ジャーナリストのジャン ガイ アリャードはポサダ カリレスのエル パソへのチャーターフライトの費用の面倒を見ていると伝えられているアルベルト“アル”ヘレロスは過去に麻薬密輸とニカラグアの米中央情報局が支援していたコントラ(と言う右翼反政府ゲリラ)に関係した会社を経営していた。米合衆国はテロリスト容疑者若しくはテロリストと認知されている人物を旅客機での飛行を禁じる弾薬庫一杯の弾丸の数程の法律や規制が存在する。これ等の法律は現在8歳で、2歳の時からホームランドセキュリティーによって空港で徹底的に追跡されているマイケル ウインストン ヒックスの様に、多くの場合“ノンフライリスト”(政府によって旅客機で旅行するには危険とされている人々の名簿。)や“テロリストリスト”の名前に似通った名を持っている無罪の庶民に適用されている。
F/ Agencie CaracasF/エージェンシー カラカス

ejnews: アメリカ合衆国のジョージ ブッシュとディック チェイニー政権は9・11のテロ以降“テロリズムに対する戦い”を始め、何でもかんでもテロと呼び、図書館の貸し出し記録を調べたり、或る動物愛護団体をテロ団体と分類したり、電話の盗聴、E-メイル等のインターネット上のデータマイニング、勿論、ヴェネズエラのウーゴ チャヴェス政権や大統領に対するクーデター(アイルランドのドキュメンタリーフィルムグループが偶々ウーゴ チャヴェスのドキュメンタリーフィルムを撮影の為ヴェネズエラにいて米中央情報局が支援したクーデターの撮影をしたのですが、此の映画はアメリカでは検閲されている様で買えないそうです。勿論インターネットでは見る事が出来ますから興味のある方は“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”です。勿論、クーデターは失敗。)アフガニスタン、イラク侵略までやってのけたのです。
 此の“テロに対する戦い”と言うスローガンは政治的に非常に便利な言い訳で、米国内の特定の個人が例えば“バクーニン”“チェ ゲヴァラ“等についてブログで説明していると過激アナキスト革命家として盗聴されプライヴァシーの侵害を受けるだけでなく、下手をするとこの様な人は本当にテロリストとして連邦警察等から分類され、ノンフライリストに名前が載ってしまったりするのです。(故エドワードケネディー議員も此のノンフライリストに名前が載っていて旅客機を使った移動に支障をきたしていた話は有名です。ジョージ ブッシュ政権の政敵のケネディーがノンフライリストに!!!!!不思議ですねえ!!!!皮肉です。私も実は永住権でアメリカ暮らしをしているのでブログでもつい最近まで中央情報局などと言う恐ろしい団体の主題は避けていたのです。)
 キューバのガンタナモ湾テロ犯罪者収容所の80%以上の囚人は無罪と言われ、此の記事にもある様に8歳の子供が空港に行く度にホームランドセキュリティー等からハラスメントを受けている様な極端なテロに対する反応をアメリカ政府は見せているにも関わらず、ポサダ カリレス等の世界的に知られているテロリストを米政府は数十年もの間法的に保護しているのです。つまり誰かが米国や米国の企業に対してテロ活動をすると犯罪で、米中央情報局員等が外国の政府や市民にテロ活動をしても犯罪にはならないと言う理論のようです。ブッシュ時代には米軍や中央情報局はテロ容疑者を拷問したのですが(現在チェイニー元副大統領や拷問は合法と言う判断をブッシュ政権の要請で示したジョンユーと言う教授は盛んに自己弁護の為テレビに頻繁に出演したり本を書いたりしています。風向きによっては彼等は戦犯になるのですからね。)昔太平洋戦争時代、確か日本の軍人が米軍や米中央情報局の使った同じ“水責め”と言う拷問で戦争犯罪人として死刑か何かになりませんでした???
 此のルイス ポサダ カリレスによるCubana Flight 455クバナ フライト455と言う名前で知られているキューバ旅客機爆破テロやハバナでの種々の建物施設への爆弾テロ、そして其の他のグループにより現在まで約3478人が殺害された反キューバテロを阻止する為キューバ政府はマイアミ等のアメリカのキューバ人社会へ諜報員を送り込みポサダ達のテロリスト組織の行動や計画を探知、それらを米政府へ報告したと言う事件がありましたが。米政府はテロリストは逮捕せず5人のキューバ人諜報員を逮捕し現在でも此の5人のキューバ人はアメリカで拘留されています。興味のある方は“Cuban Five”(キューバン ファイヴ)で調べてみて下さい。

 兎に角、此の“テロに対する戦い”は非常に便利な物でイエメンとかソマリア等に数人のアルカイダ メンバーがいるとこの様な小国はアフガニスタンやイラクと同様に何時でも米軍の侵略対象になるのです。其れはヴェネズエラやボリビア等も同様ですね。つまり小国で地下資源の多い国等も“テロに対する戦い”と言う理由で簡単に侵略される危険性があると言う事ですね。

処で、翻訳した記事はPostcards from the Revolution“革命からの葉書”と言うブログにのせてあるCorreo del Orinoco international editionコレオ デル オリノコ国際版と言うヴェネズエラの新聞の英語版からです。“革命からの葉書”と言うブログはEva Golingerと言うジャーナリストのブログで彼女は現在ベネズエラで活躍しているとの事です。元々彼女は弁護士だそうですが“The Chávez Code: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela”等のベストセラーの著者でもあります。
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France's Nuclear Waste Heads to

By Julio Godoy*


PARIS, Dec 17 (Tierramérica) - France sends thousands of tonnes of nuclear waste to Russia each year, but the details are shielded by a decree of "national security" in order to block debate on the issue, says the environmental watchdog group Greenpeace.
パリ12月17日(Tierramérica) - フランスは何千トンもの原子力発電所の放射性廃棄物を毎年ロシアに送っている。然し詳細は此の問題についての議論を避ける為“国家保障”と言う法令によって隠されていると環境問題監視グループ“グリーンピース”は述べている。


"This kind of traffic of nuclear waste between Western Europe and Russia has gone on for more than three decades already, and allows the big nuclear energy companies, like Electricité de France, to store their radioactive waste at extremely contaminated sites in Siberia," Greenpeace-France spokesman Grégory Gendre told Tierramérica.
“この様な西欧とロシア間の放射性廃棄物の取引は既に30年以上続いている。そしてElectricité de Franceの様な大規模な原子力発電会社に放射性廃棄物を非常に汚染されたシベリアの保管所に保管する事を許している。”とグリーンピースフランスのスポークスマンのグレゴリージェンドレはTierraméricaに語った。

On Dec. 1, some 20 activists from the environmental group tried unsuccessfully to block a 450-tonne shipment of depleted uranium from the port of Le Havre, 360 km northwest of Paris, on the Atlantic coast, to a radioactive material enrichment plant in Russia.
12月1日此の環境保護団体(グリーンピース)からの20人程の活動家がパリの北方360キロにある大西洋岸のLe Havreと言う港からロシアの放射性物質の凝縮加工工場へ向けての450トンの劣化ウランの輸送を阻止しよう企てたが失敗に終わった。

According to the study "La France nucléaire", published in 2002 by the World Information Service on Energy (WISE), each year the French nuclear station Eurodif, situated on the banks of the Rhone River, 700 km south of the French capital, produces 15,000 tonnes of depleted uranium.
2002年にWorld Information Service on Energy (WISE)“エネルギーについての国際情報サーヴィス(WISE)”によって発行された“La France nucléaire”と言う調査によればフランスの首都の南700キロ、ローヌ河河畔に存在するEurodifウーロディフと言うフランスの原子力発電所は毎年1万5千トンの劣化ウラニウムを(使用済み核燃料として)生産する。

Most of that waste is of no further use, and is simply stored at the nuclear plant. Today there are an estimated 200,000 tonnes of this nuclear material being warehoused there.

But 30 to 40 percent of Eurodif's depleted uranium - 4,500 to 6,000 tonnes annually - is sent to Russia, where it undergoes "enrichment" to turn it back into fuel for nuclear power plants. Just one-tenth of that uranium returns to France, and the rest remains in Russia, stored in inadequate conditions, say the environmental activists.

Greenpeace also warns that the uranium shipments are made using conventional Russian transportation, without appropriate safety and security measures, along a route that passes through major cities like St. Petersburg and Tomsk, and along the coasts of Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

An accident or a terrorist attack could be devastating, says the group, which filed a complaint with a Moscow court against the state-run Russian company Tecksnabexport, entrusted with overseeing the uranium imports.

The promoters of nuclear energy consider this source as an alternative for generating power in a cleaner way than is possible with fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas and coal) - seen as the main culprits behind climate change.

According to Charles Hufnagel, spokesman for Arevan, the French government agency that manages the production and treatment of nuclear fuels, the transport of depleted uranium to Russia is "a routine task."

"Depleted uranium has very low radioactivity, and its shipment does not pose safety problems," said Hufnagel.

But Stephan Lhomme, of the Sortir du Nucleaire (stop nuclear energy) federation, says that minimising the health risks of radioactive waste only demonstrates the irresponsible attitudes of Areva and the French government.
然し、放射性廃棄物の健康に対する危険性を過小評価する事はアレヴァと仏政府の無責任さを示しているとSortir du Nucleaire (stop nuclear energy) “原子力発電禁止連盟”のステファンローム氏は語っている。

"While it is true that depleted uranium is low in radioactivity, it constitutes a carcinogenic element, highly dangerous to human health," Lhomme told Tierramérica. "If that weren't the case, the world's armies wouldn't use it as material to manufacture lethal weapons."

Routine or not, Areva has obtained "national security" classification for the issue, making the transportation of nuclear waste a confidential matter, and has reportedly used government intelligence services to intimidate anti-nuclear activists.

Last week three Greenpeace activists were called in by the DST, the French secret service for domestic security, to be questioned in relation to a plutonium shipment made in February 2003.

On that occasion, the Greenpeace activists blocked a truck carrying 150 kg of plutonium. According to the organisation, DST's intervention "proves that the French state and Areva want to stop any transparent debate on the environmental safety issues related to atomic energy."

An August 2003 government decree states that all nuclear matters are "confidential" and "national security" issues.

Measures like this do not mean that France - like the rest of Europe that has utilised atomic energy in the past - is off the hook for dealing with the problem of nuclear waste storage, including plutonium, which takes 24,000 years to lose just half of its radioactivity.

A 1990 law established that in 2006 at the latest, France has to identify a geological site appropriate for building a radioactive waste deposit. Despite hundreds of tests on numerous sites throughout the country, the National Assembly is expected in January to extend the search deadline to 2016.

Meanwhile, according to the national radioactive waste agency, there are more than a thousand sites in France being used for temporary nuclear waste storage, and some lack any type of protection. The volume of all types of radioactive waste in France grows by 1,200 tonnes a year.

(* Julio Godoy is an IPS correspondent. Originally published Dec. 10 by Latin American newspapers that are part of the Tierramérica network. Tierramérica is a specialised news service produced by IPS with the backingof the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme.)

ejnews: 最近私のブログでは民主主義についての記事が続きましたので今回は原子力発電所の廃棄物のニュースでした。私のブログで翻訳してきた記事を読んで頂けると理解して頂けると思いますが、原子力発電は其の使用済み燃料は核兵器の原料になり、二酸化炭素排出量低下にも寄与せず、気候変化にも弱く、テロのターゲットになると何が起こるかわからず、由ってアメリカでは保険会社が保険を原子力発電所にかける事を拒否し、何か大規模な事故が起これば事故が原因の補償には国民の税金が使われると言う企業社会主義Corporate Socialismになっています。アメリカや日本で金融機関が経営破綻すると国民の税金を使って経営を続けるばかりでなくボーナスまで税金から搾り出すと言う事実を考えると企業社会主義Corporate Socialismは世界的な政治形態のようですね。話は逸れましたが原子力への地震の影響は日本人ならもう説明する必要はありませんね。



企業社会主義Corporate Socialism:普通ソシャリズム(社会主義)と言うと一般庶民の為の最低限の基本的生活を保証する為国民の税金を使い国家経営をリーズナブルreasonableな状態で行う思想ですが、コーポレイトソシャリズムは国民の税金を企業救済に使う政府の主義を意味しています。

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U.S. presses Japan over parental
child abductions

By Yoko Nishikawa
Tuesday, February 2, 2010; 7:21 AM
TOKYO (Reuters) - The United States turned up pressure on Japan on Tuesday to sign a global convention on international parental child abductions, suggesting that foot-dragging from Tokyo could hurt relations between the two allies.

Washington and other governments have long criticized Japan for not signing the Hague Convention on child abduction, urging Tokyo to relieve the plight of foreign nationals who are denied contact with their children by their Japanese former spouses.

"The situation has to be resolved in order to ensure that the U.S.-Japan relations continue on such a positive course," U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell told reporters.

"This issue, left unresolved, has the potential to raise very real concerns -- something all of us seek to avoid."

Campbell is in Tokyo to meet Japanese counterparts on issues including a feud over plans to relocate a U.S. military base on Japan's Okinawa island, part of a rejig of U.S. troops.

Tokyo's strained ties with Washington have contributed to a drop in voter support for Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his government ahead of a mid-year election.

Japan is the only member of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations not to have signed the 1980 convention.

Campbell said his Japanese counterparts have generally explained Tokyo's reluctance by pointing to cultural differences, such as how divorce and child custody issues are handled.

The issue is complicated by the fact that Japanese courts generally avoid involvement in family issues and do not enforce custody agreements even in divorces between Japanese nationals. It is not unusual in Japan for one parent, often the father, to lose all contact with their offspring after a divorce.

Campbell, speaking after meeting with American parents living in Japan with little or no access to their children taken by their former Japanese spouses, said there are around 70 active U.S. cases of abduction and that more have been affected.

But he also stressed the need to resolve the issue so that the two nations could "avoid the situation where this in any way complicates smooth-running and important issues of our overall strategic relationship."
(Editing by Paul Tait)


U.S. presses Japan on postal
reform, beef trade ban


TOKYO (Reuters) – The United States on Monday urged Japan to make sure it won’t discriminate against U.S. competitors in areas of insurance, banking and express delivery services as Tokyo re-examines the future of its giant postal system.

Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis also said Washington wanted to normalize beef trade with Tokyo in a way that was “science-based and commercially viable.”

Marantis, in Tokyo for the first time in his current capacity, reiterated Washington’s stance that Japan must ensure that domestic and foreign companies will be able to compete on equal footing as state-owned Japan Post offers new services.

Japan is freezing sales of shares in Japan Post’s financial units, in a retreat by the four-month-old government from a high-profile pro-market reform.

ejnews:  小沢幹事長の検察の捜査とか不起訴とか米政府が民主党の代表団訪米を要請だとか色々起こっていた様ですが、上記の様なニュースを読んでいると日本の民主党は自民党と違った駆け引きが出来るのでだろうか???と思ってしまいますよね。其れとも自民党の様になってしまうのでしょうか?日本政府は自民党時代には米中央情報局の工作もあり日本の庶民の為の政治よりも米政府と企業の為に仕えていた政府のようでしたが---------。アメリカの民主党は口先だけの政党と言う評判ですが果たして日本の民主党は如何に!?
  昔George Orwellジョージ オーウェルが  Homage to Catalonia “ホーメッジ ツー カタロニア”と言う本(the Spanish Civil Warスペイン内乱に義勇軍兵士としてヒットラー、ムッソリーニの支援するファシストのフランコ将軍クーデター軍からスペイン共和国政府を守る為に英国から参加した経験を書き残した本ですがオーウェルの著書の中でも私は特に好きな本の一冊です。スペイン内乱時にアメリカの義勇軍兵とスペイン女性との愛を主題にしたヘミング ウエーの“誰が為に鐘は鳴る”も有名ですね。)の中で『一番性質の悪い奴等は----例えば君が誰かとチェスをしているとしよう。処が君のチェスの対戦相手はチェスの途中で君が彼の妻と浮気をしていると非難を始める。此れじゃあチェスも糸瓜もあった物ではない。(チェスをする時はチェスで競うのが道理で、他の難題を持ち出してチェスに負けている事をウヤムヤにしてしまう卑怯な手段への非難を喩えてソヴィエト共産党の手段を説明している。)』と言う様な事を書いているのですが、此れは海外からの外人部隊義勇軍がソヴィエト共産党の政治支配に陥りソヴィエト共産党員や彼等の息のかかった連中と論争する時、彼等はこの様なチンプンカンプンな卑怯な手段を取るので話にも何にもならないと言う事を説明している部分です。
  アメリカの政治を見ていると此のジョージ オーウェルが説明しているチンプンカンプンな手段が良く使われるのです。有名な例は共和党がビル クリントンとモニカ ルインスキーと言う御嬢さんの大統領執務室での秘め事を大統領弾劾に利用した事件です。この事件ではクリントン大統領は殆ど全てのエネルギーを此のスキャンダルに費やさなければならず国内外の政策に支障をきたし、其の上クリントンを弾劾していた共和党政治家達の浮気事件も暴露され数人の共和党議員が反対に危うい立場に追い込まれ、確か、何人かは辞任に追い込まれると言う皮肉な結果にもなりました。
  最近も多くの共和党議員は浮気でニュースを賑わしていますが(特にC-streetと呼ばれるグループに所属する共和党議員。此のC-street又は" the family"ザファミリーと呼ばれるcreepyな(気持ちの悪い)グループについては又別の機会に説明します。)クリントンに対するような非難は起こっていない様です。ウ~ン?不公平?


では。  Ciao !

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ejnews: 今日は又民主主義がアメリカで如何に右翼資本層によって操られているかと言う一例です。此の記事は今年1月のマサチューセッツ州の故ケネディー議員の議席を争った選挙についてですが、此処で問題になっているDieboldと言う会社の コンピュータ化されたダイボールド投票機は2004年のジョージブッシュの大統領選挙にも大活躍し、投票直後のアンケートではブッシュ劣勢が予期されていたのに一晩空けた翌朝にはブッシュ勝利と言うトンでもない事になっていたのです。ベネズエラもコンピュータ化された投票機を使っているそうですが、ウーゴ チャヴェス大統領はアメリカのブッシュが大統領になれた投票機なんて信用できる訳がないとか何とか言って別の会社の投票機をベネズエラは使っているそうです。

Demographics may explain
Coakley's 3% win of hand-count


January 23, 2:57 PM Boston Progressive Examiner Michael Richardson


The election integrity community has been vigorously discussing the wide variance between hand counted ballots and machine counted ballots in the recent special Senate election in Massachusetts.

Working late into election night, Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org built a spreadsheet of the Massachusetts results charting the hand counted ballots and made a startling discovery that Attorney General Martha Coakley won the hand count vote total by 3% instead of losing.
BlackBoxVoting.orgのベヴ ハリス(べヴはベヴァリーBeverlyのニックネーム)は選挙日の夜遅くまで頑張って人の手によって数えられたマサチューセッツ州の投票結果チャートのスプレッドシートを製作し、それによってマーサ コークリー州検事総長は人間によって数えられた投票結果では敗北したのではなく(対抗候補より)3%の差で勝利していたと言う驚くべき発見をした。

Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Coakley by 5% in one of the nation's most heavily Democratic states in an upset victory. Most of the votes in Massachusetts are tabulated by optical scanners which are susceptible to hacking with malicious, self-deleting software code that covers up any trace of a rigged outcome.
全米で最も民主党の集中している州で共和党のスコット ブラウンは民主党のコークリーを5%の差の逆転勝利によって破った。殆どのマサチューセッツ州の投票結果は操られた投票結果の痕跡を消し去る悪辣なソフトウエアーコードを使ったハッキングに弱いオプティカル スキャナーによって集計されている。

However, in several dozen towns the votes are hand counted. In Massachusetts hand count towns Coakley beat Brown by a 3% margin rather than the 5% defeat she experienced. Voting activists had asked Secretary of Galvin to hand count all ballots to verify the voting machines in the days before the election to no avail.

As a candidate, Coakley could do the same by requesting a hand recount of machine totals but gave up that option with her early concession speech. Coakley drew critics from around the country for her refusal to verify the machine vote. Brad Friedman, the nation's most prominent blogger on the topic of voting machines, skewered Coakley for her decision not to seek a recount even before the final vote totals were available on election night.
候補者としてのコークリーは同様の要請を機械で為された投票集計を人の手で再集計する事を再要請することによって出来たのだが彼女の尚早な敗北宣言により諦めてしまった。コークリー民主党候補に彼女のコンピューター投票機の投票結果の確認拒否により全国から批判が集中した。コンピューター投票機について最も有名なブロガーであるブラッド フリードマン氏は、選挙日の夜に全投票結果が明らかになる前に既になされていた再集計の要請しないと言うコークリーの決断を厳しく非難した。

Comparison of the towns and cities surrounding the hand count towns suggests that the discrepancy between hand and machine counts can be explained by the size and location of the hand count towns. However, unless there is a recount of the machine counted ballots no one will ever know for sure that the election was not stolen as the two major parties have decided to not challenge voting machine accuracy.


Diebold ダイボールドとはコンピュータ投票機を製造している会社ですが、此のダイボールド コンピューター投票機は外部から簡単に投票結果をコントロール出来、既に述べた様にジョージブッシュ偽大統領の2004年の当選は此のダイボールド投票機によるものと噂されています。此の噂は非常に現実味のあるもので2004年の選挙で選挙戦を指揮したブッシュの脳味噌といわれるカールローブの為に働いていたMike Connellマイク コーネルと言うITコンサルタントが此の投票操作について議会で証言した直後自家用飛行機事故(友達や警察が暗殺の可能性があるから自家用機を使うのは暫くの間止めた方が良いと勧めていた矢先の出来事)で事故死(事故死ねえ?フーム?)してしまったのです。つまりカールローブの投票結果操作への関連や共和党の関連等彼の事故死でそれ以上証明不可能になったと言う事です。彼の事故死は偶然ですよねえ------------ハハハハハハハ(現実に立ち向かえない弱気男の笑い)オオー怖!
マイク コーネルの死については下記でどうぞ。


此の記事によると、コーネルの自家用機が事故を起こした時のテープレコーディングには飛行機に何か起こった後『Oh, fuck,オー、ファック!』と言う言葉が彼の最後の言葉だったそうです。

 兎に角、此のダイボールド コンピューター投票機はカリフォルニア州等では外から投票結果が左右される事が証明され使用禁止になっているはずです。


In August 2003, Walden O'Dell, then the chief executive of Diebold, announced that he had been a top fund-raiser for President George W. Bush and had sent a get-out-the-funds letter to 100 wealthy and politically inclined friends in the Republican Party, to be held at his home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.[9]
2003年8月、当時ダイボールドの最高経営責任者ワルデン オーデルは彼はジョージ ブッシュ大統領のトップ資金調達者で共和党の100人の政治的に活動的な裕福な知人にオハイオ州コロンバスの彼の家で寄付を募る手紙を送った。

In December 2005, O'Dell resigned following reports that the company was facing securities fraud litigation surrounding charges of insider trading。
2005年12月、オーデルはインサイダー トレーディングとの証券詐欺の嫌疑の裁判についての報道の後ダイボールドから辞任した。

In March 2007, it was reported by the Associated Press that Diebold was considering divesting itself of its voting machine subsidiary because it was "widely seen as tarnishing the company's reputation
2007年3月、アソシエイト プレスでダイボールドは広く会社の評判を悪くしていると見られている理由で投票機部門を売り払う事を考慮していると報道された。

In August 2007, Wikipedia Scanner found that edits via the company's IP addresses occurred to Diebold's Wikipedia article, removing criticisms of the company's products, references to its CEO's fund-raising for President Bush and other negative criticism from the Wikipedia page about the company in November 2005


Caging ケイジングと言うvoter suppression投票者の投票権を無効にする手段があり殆ど共和党によって民主党の票を減らす為に利用される手段で、特定の選挙区からターゲットにされた人々(黒人とか低所得層の住む地区の住人とか民主党に登録している人口)に手紙を送り其の手紙が受け取られず返還された住所を持つ住人はIDが不確実と言う事にされ投票しても無効にされる方法で何時も問題になっています。

Photo ID laws 写真ID法:写真のついた正式なIDカードを持っていないと投票出来ない法律ですが、写真つきのIDカードと言えば運転免許書になりますが、多くの貧しい黒人達や老人達は運転免許書を持っていないのでこれ等の人口は投票が困難になるのです。大都市の老人達や黒人は民主党に投票する確立が高いのです。

ChoicePoint と言う会社が2004年のブッシュ対ケリーの大統領選挙時ジョージ ブッシュの弟が州知事をしていたフロリダで犯罪者の名前を投票者リストから除く作業で名前が60%犯罪者の名前と同じ人は投票権を奪われ其の多くは黒人だったのです。
でどうぞ。此のグレッグ パラストはジャーナリストでThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy(金で買える最高の民主主義)と言う著書で有名です。彼のブログは
http://www.gregpalast.com/ です。

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