Pet Products Investigation


For many of us, pets are like members of the family. Which is why it would be devastating if your dog were to suddenly collapse, or drop dead, after you used a pet product that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dr. Jeff Werber, a well-known Los Angeles veterinarian says, "Do I want to risk my own cats to that? I have six. The answer is "no."
The products we investigated are flea and tick shampoos and drops sold by major companies like Sergeant's, Bio Spot, and Hartz. They all contain the same type of pesticide, called pyrethrins or the synthetic versions known as pyrethroids.
我々が調査したこの製品はSergeant'sサージャンツス、Bio Spotバイオスポット、Hartzハルツスの様な有名な会社によって販売されている蚤とダニの為のシャンプーとドロップです。これ等は全てpyrethrinsパイレシリンズ 若しくは pyrethroidsパイレスロイドと呼ばれる人工のタイプと同じ種類の殺虫剤を含んでいます。

These are the same pesticides in household products like "Raid," used to kill bugs around your home.

"Raid"レイド アメリカのスプレイ式の殺虫剤

Several stores where we bought the products told us they were completely safe.
我々がこれ等のペット製品を買った幾つかの店の店員は『全く安全だ。』と我々に言っていました。 此れは……………
That's what one well-known pet supply store told Heidi Woehler of Santa Clarita, when she bought Bio Spot Flea and Tick Shampoo for her two cats, Hummer and Samson. "I read the directions and I followed them thoroughly," says Woehler.
……….. サンタ クラリタのハイディ ウオーラー、彼女がBio Spotバイオスポットの蚤とダニ用のシャンプーを彼女の2匹の猫ハマーとサムソンに買った時に一軒の有名なペット用品店が彼女に言った事です。『使用法を良く読んで全く其の通りにしたのよ!』とウォーラーは言っている。

But within minutes of applying the shampoo, she says both cats began having seizures, especially Hummer.

"He's shaking, he can't breathe, said Woehler, recalling the incident. An emergency room veterinarian saved Samson. Hummer didn't make it. Woehler says, "He died a horrible, violent, fast death.”

This isn't an isolated case. We looked over the U.S. EPA's database of reported incidents involving domestic animals, from all products containing pyrethrins and pyrethroids.
此れは特別なケースと言う訳ではない。我々はpyrethrins パイレシリンズ と pyrethroidsパイレスロイドが含まれている全ての製品が関係している、ペット、家畜の報告されている事件の米環境保護局のデータベースを見てみた。

We found numerous cases of animals whose skin was burned, animals that had seizures and vomiting. We found tens of thousands of reported incidents, including thousands of deaths.

Even the EPA admits, it's not sure yet how many thousands of animals have been harmed by these pesticide-based products.

"If they're on a shelf in a grocery store or drug store, you assume it's been tested and is fine," says Rich Parsons, a pet owner from La Quinta, California.
『若し 雑貨品店や薬局の棚にそれらがあると、貴方はそれらの製品は(安全性が)試験され大丈夫だと確信するだろう。』とカリフォルニア州ラキンタ在住のリッチ パーソンは言っている。

But when Parsons applied Hartz flea and tick drops to his dog Duffy, he says the dog started having seizures the following day.

Two days later, Duffy died at a pet hospital.

"This was not a pleasant death," Parsons said. "This was a devastating loss for us, because he just meant the world to us," he added.

Rich Parsons and Heidi Woehler are not alone. There are now entire websites, like Hartzvictims.org, where pet owners report illnesses and deaths after using products containing pyrethrin and pyrethroid pesticides.
リッチパーソンとハイディウォーラーの問題は珍しい訳ではない。今では、ウエッブサイト全てが、ペットの持ち主がpyrethrinパイレシリンズと pyrethroidパイレスロイドを含む製品使った後病気や死を報告したHartzvictims.org,の様な、サイトが存在する。

Veterinarians we spoke with, like Dr. Jeff Werber, say an unknown percentage of pets do have adverse reactions to these products. 

"We do know that some of these products can be toxic. We don't know as to what degree," says Dr. Werber.

That's why so many veterinarians and groups, like the Humane Society of the United States, are speaking out against flea and tick products containing these pesticides.

"There are absolutely safer alternatives generally across the board," says Dr. Werber.
『 多くの場合安全な代替物が存在する』とワーバー医師は述べている。

He says there are several over-the-counter products that don't contain pyrethrins and pyrethroids. But the companies that make the pesticide-based products insist they are safe.
pyrethrins パイレシリンズ と pyrethroidsパイレスロイドが含まれていない処方箋の必要の無い製品が存在すると彼は言っている。然しこれ等の殺虫剤を原料とした製品を製造している会社は(これ等の製品は)安全だと言い張っている。

When Rich Parson's dog Duffy died, his veterinarian wrote that it was a "reaction to the insecticide" in the Hartz drops that contributed to the dog's death.
リッチパーソンの犬ダフィーが死んだ時彼の獣医はHartz ハルツスドロップに含まれている“殺虫剤への反応”がこの犬の死因に寄与していると書いていた。

But Hartz had it's own experts review the case, and after their investigation, they "denied any responsibility," blaming Duffy’s death on "underlying health problems."

When Heidi Woehler's cat Hummer died, her vet wrote that based on the cat symptoms, the pyrethrin in the Bio Spot shampoo "contributed to Hummer's death." Woehler says before she used the shampoo, Hummer "was a perfectly healthy cat."
ハイディーウォーラーの猫ハマーが死んだ時、彼女の獣医はこの猫の症状から考えてBio Spotバイオスポットのシャンプーのpyrethrinパイレシリンがこの猫の死に寄与していると書いていた。ウォーラーは彼女がこのシャンプーを使う前はハマーは完全に健康だった。と言っている。

Bio Spot paid for an autopsy, which we asked Dr. Jeff Werber to interpret for us.
Bio Spotバイオスポット社は検死解剖の費用を支払った。ジェフワーバー医師に其の検死解剖を説明してくれる様に我々は要請した。

When we asked Dr. Werber if it were possible the shampoo contributed to this cat's death?" Werber replied, "I think it's highly likely that there was a contributory factor to this product and this cat's demise."

Still, Bio spot's parent company told Woehler in a letter "We do not believe (Hummer's death) was a result of using our product."

Bio Spot never explained why they believed the cat died. Heidi Woehler is convinced it was the Bio Spot shampoo.

"It needs to be taken off the market," she says.

In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tells us it has begun a major review of these flea and tick products, to make sure they're really safe. Based on this review, the EPA could take action, such as requiring new labeling, or even pulling certain products from the market.

As for the companies in our story, they all claim their products are safe when used as directed.

Hartz told us it's flea and tick products "have the lowest number of reported adverse events" compared to other brands.

Sergeant's says it's "constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of our products."

Click here to read a statement and view documents from Hartz.

Click here to read a statement from Bio Spot.

The non-profit Center for Public Integrity recently published its own investigations into some flea and tick products. Click here to read them.
The Humane Society of the United States has issued the following information and warning about over-the-counter flea and tick products. Click here to see it.

アメリカは特にジョージ ブッシュが大統領になってから環境保護局等の職員の人数が削減され、しかも共和党員が局員として採用された為当分の間はアメリカの製品は気をつけたほうが良いと思います。ヨーロッパのEUの環境規制法は世界的にも厳しくEUの製品は比較的安全ですがアメリカの法律が緩い為、過去にEU圏内で生産された劣悪な製品がアメリカに輸入されています。と言う事ですから日本の法律がEUの法律と比べて穏やかな場合は危険なEUの製品が日本に輸入されている可能性がありますから気をつけて下さい。ペットの為の蚤ダニ用のシャンプー、ドロップ等は人間も触る危険性がありますのでペットだけの問題ではないのです。このpyrethrinsパイレシリンズ 若しくは pyrethroidsパイレスロイドは農業用の農薬で殺虫剤です。特に魚類にとっては致死的で、川や湖の魚がこの農薬で大きな被害を受けているそうです。
これ等のペット用対蚤ダニシャンプー、ドロップを製造しているアメリカの企業名はSergeant's, サージャンツスBio Spot,バイオスポット Hartz.ハルツス等です。

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