多種化学物質過敏症 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


enzyme depletion エンザイム ディプリーション


detoxification of all manner of naturally occurring toxins is carried out in humans by enzymes in the liver. These same enzymes are also used to detoxify a wide range of synthetic chemicals, but, if the enzymes are depleted or damaged by health problems, then they are unable to metabolize these toxicants efficiently, so leading to the problems associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


Detoxification ディトキシフィケーション 解毒

Enzyme depletion is used to great effect with some types of pesticide, where the action of the primary poison is augmented by the use of an enzyme blocker so that the poison cannot be metabolized properly, remains in the body of the organism longer, and so is much more highly toxic than it would otherwise be.



Many types of enzyme deficiency can be inherited & this may lead one to suppose that MCS may affect other members of the same family and, in fact, there is some (fairly tentative) evidence to support this view.




……………………We started keeping a diet diary and testing his body's pH each day to try to find clues as to what was wrong with him. From the diary we found that he got much worse after eating hot dogs and when his body was more acidic. He got better from tostados with mashed pinto beans and bananas and when his body was more alkaline. This was different than when he had mold allergies, as he seemed to be worse from the mold allergies when his body was more alkaline. In any case, we noticed he had the least amount health issues when his body was in the normal pH range. …………………………………..


I looked up hot dogs on the Internet to see what was in them that might be causing the problems and found they were high in nitrites. That led me to an article by Martin L. Pall, Professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences on chemical sensitivity. Dr. Pall, himself a former MCS sufferer, has a theory that MCS is caused by elevated levels of nitric oxide and its oxidant product, peroxynitrite. He feels this may be the central cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity. I think Dr. Pall may be onto something.

 私達はホットドッグの中の何が問題を起こす可能性があるのかに付いてインターネットで調べみて、亜硝酸塩が多量に含まれている事を発見しました。其れが私をMartin L.Pall,生物化学と化学物質過敏症に付いての基礎医療科学の教授の記事に向かわせました。Martin L.Pall教授自身、元MCSの患者でした。其の記事は“MCSはnitric oxide〔酸化亜硝酸?〕と其の酸化物peroxynitrite〔硝酸塩に似通った物質?〕の〔体内の〕上昇した量が原因である.”と言う物でした。彼はこれがクロニックファティーグ症,線維筋痛症、とMCSの原因である可能性があると感じています。私はMartin L.Pall教授は“何かを見つけたのかな!?”と思っています。

nitric oxide?  oxideオキサイドは酸化物と言う意味。だから酸化亜硝酸としました。  
Peroxynitrite? proxyプロキシーは代理、代替等の意味だから亜硝酸の代用物質、亜硝酸に似通った物質と言う意味ではと考えます。だからperoxy では無くとproxyかな?と思っていますが

We had his nutrition levels tested and found he was low in:


• Zinc
• 亜鉛
• Magnesium
• マグネシウム
• the amino acid cysteine
• アミノ酸シスタイン(システィン?)


ejnews: 今日 は化学物質過敏症に付いてでした。 詳しい事は“モスカルのCS日記”を訪問して下さい。御願いします。彼女のサイトは私のブログのリンクにあります。化学物質過敏症の原因である石油化学物質の環境汚染はある特定の人々の問題ではなく、癌、子供の発達異常、知能の低下、全ての人体機能発育異常に関係しています。私は長い間アメリカに住んでいますが、随分前からオルガニック食品を食べています。レストランも出来るだけ行かない様にし、年に何回か1~2週間油を使わない食事をしています。勿論、肉食は控えて主に菜食主義です。この翻訳にもある肝臓はとても重要で、肝臓の解毒の為のダイエットが唱えられています。其れは生の野菜、果物だけを数週間続けるダイエットです。 油、脂肪、動物性蛋白、加熱調理は全く駄目と言うダイエットです。アメリカにはサンダンス チャンネルと言うロバート レッドフォードの始めたケーブル チャンネルがありますが、其のチャンネルでもドキュメンタリーでこのダイエットで癌を治療しているフロリダの治療所で若い女性がこのダイエットで肝臓癌を進行させないでいると言うエピソードが紹介されていました。http://www.hippocratesinst.com/が其のサイトです。其の他にもジュース断食JUICE FASTING(生ジュースですが野菜、果物を使います。ジュースだけでなくサラダもです)で肝臓を浄化しようと言うダイエットが沢山あります。一番古いクリニックはGerson clinicガーソンクリニックと言ってドイツ人のDr.Max Gersonが始めました。彼の方法はかなりラディカルですが、興味のある方はhttp://www.gerson.org/をインターネットでグーグルして下さい。
Gerson Insutitute/Cancer Curing Societyです。クリニックは癌の治療が主な目的のようですが、化学物質は脂肪に蓄積されると言いますから断食して肝臓の脂肪を新しくするのも色々な健康上の問題にとって重要ではないでしょうか。あの怖いヤクザさんもワザワザアメリカまで来て肝臓移植手術を受けないといけない位ですから!

Good Luck and Sweet Dreams !
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Taking Common Painkiller (acetaminophen) with Coffee is Extremely Toxic to the Liver


by David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Combining caffeine with the active ingredient in Tylenol (acetaminophen) may be extremely dangerous for the liver, according to new research conducted at the University of Washington and reported in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

 (ナチュラルニュース) カフェインと、タイレノールの主要薬品(acetaminophen)を同時に服用する事は肝臓に非常に危険である可能性がある。とワシントン大学の研究をJounal Chemical Research in Toxicology 誌が発表した

Researchers performed the study on E. coli bacteria that had been genetically modified to produce a human liver enzyme that breaks down the pain killing chemical paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen. A toxic byproduct of this enzyme's activity is what leads to liver damage in cases of paracetamol overdose.


When the scientists expose the bacteria to a large combined dose of caffeine and paracetamol, production of the toxic byproduct tripled. According to researchers, this translates to three times the risk of permanent liver damage.


According to British health expert Dr. Simon Thomas of the University of Newcastle, paracetamol is the culprit in 40 percents of drug overdoses in the United Kingdom, leading to 100 deaths or liver transplants yearly. But Thomas said that it would be hasty to draw too many conclusions about the human liver from a study conducted on bacteria.


"There are a million miles between E. coli and humans in terms of how paracetamol and caffeine are metabolized," he said.


Prior studies have shown that caffeine exacerbates paracetamol-induced liver damage in rats, and that mixing alcohol with the painkiller intensifies its effects on the liver. However, this is the first study to provide evidence that a mix of paracetamol and caffeine may be dangerous.


But the researchers noted that the doses they used in the study were enormous, and that there is as yet no evidence what dose would be required to be dangerous to humans. Because of this uncertainty, however, they advised caution in mixing the two drugs.


"The bottom line is that you don't have to stop taking acetaminophen or stop taking caffeine products, but you do need to monitor your intake more carefully when taking them together, especially if you drink alcohol," said researcher Sid Nelson.

 “最小限言える事は、アセタミノフェンとカフェインの服用を止める必要は無い、然しこの2つの薬品を同時に服用する時は気を付けて様子を見なければならない、特にアルコールを飲んだ時には。”と研究者のシド ネルソン氏は言っている。

NaturalNews.com この記事はこのサイトより。
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Wake-up call: pesticides, chemicals linked to breast cancer
ウエイク-アップ コール!殺虫剤、化学物質、は乳癌に関係している!

April 2, 2008

The rising toll of breast cancer can only be cut by reducing exposure to hormone-disrupting man-made chemicals, a new report warns.

Toll 料金、代価、犠牲 Reduce 減少させる、少なくする 
Disrupt 邪魔をする、 Man-made 人工の   warn 警告する

The incidence of the disease has dramatically risen across Europe in the last 20 years - by more than 50% in some countries and even doubling in others, according to recent World Health Organisation figures. About one in 10 women will develop the disease.



The head of toxicology at the University of London’s School of Pharmacy, Professor Andreas Kortenkamp, says one answer is to cut the use of a range of chemicals which can interfere with the human hormone system.

 ロンドン大学薬学部毒学科の主任、アンドレス コルテンカンプ教授は“答の一つは、人間のホルモン システムに影響を与える種々の化学物質の使用を抑える事だ。”と言っている。

Pharmacy 薬局、薬学

After years of research analysis, aided by nearly £15 million of EU funding, he concludes: “Good laboratory and epidemiological evidence exists suggesting that man-made chemicals which mimic oestrogen contribute to breast cancer. We will not be able to reduce the risk of breast cancer without addressing preventable causes, particularly exposure to chemicals.”


Contribute 寄付する、~協力する、力を貸す。
Preventable 防ぐ事が出来る、prevent防ぐ prevention防止、予防、

Prof Kortenkamp is one of about 200 international scientists who have signed the Prague Declaration, which set out concerns in 2005 about the health risks posed by everyday chemicals, including some pesticides, flame retardants, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals and natural products such as plant-derived oestrogen’s.


Ingredient 材料     Pharmaceutical 薬の、

Now his latest assessment - “Breast cancer and exposure to hormonally active chemicals: an appraisal of the scientific evidence” - is being studied by MEPs in Brussels to see how EU legislation can help improve breast cancer prevention.


Assessment 評価、    Appraisal 評価,見積もり
Evidence 証拠      Legislation  立法、法律

UK charity CHEM Trust, which jointly commissioned the review, said the report’s publication came at a time when breast cancer was reaching “epidemic” proportions.

 共同で評価の依頼をした英国の慈善団体CHEM Trustケム トラストは、リポートの発表は乳癌が伝染病の流行の様な状態に達しようとしている同時期に当たった。と述べている。

CHEM Trust director Elizabeth Salter Green said: “There is a misconception that breast cancer is an inherited disease and therefore inevitable. This is a quite simply a myth: most cases of breast cancer are acquired over a woman’s lifetime, and so most are preventable.”

 CHEM Trustケム トラスト の理事長エリザベスサルターグリーン女史は『乳癌は遺伝病だから避けられないとの誤解が存在する。これは全くの伝説である。殆どの乳癌は女性の一生の間に得られた物である。と言う事は予防可能と言う事なのです。』と言う。

Misconception 誤解    Inherit 相続する、受け継ぐ、
Inevitable 避けられない、不可避の   Myth 神話
Acquire 手に入れる、獲得する

But she said the evidence of scores of scientific experts about the link between the disease and exposure to chemicals had not yet been taken up in Europe and turned into effective action. She urged MEPs to “wake up to what needs to be done”.


Urge (動詞)駆り立てる、しきりに勧める。

Genon Jensen, executive director of the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), also urged MEPs to tighten existing EU chemical safety regulations, including tougher controls on pesticides and cosmetics ingredients.

 健康と環境同盟(Health Environment Alliance –HEAL--)のエギュゼキュウティヴ ダイレクター。 グリーン ジェンセン氏も、殺虫剤のコントロール、そして化粧品の材料も含めて、EUの化学物質安全の法律を厳しくしないといけない。と薦めている。

Food Democracy  フード デモクラシーと言うニュースサイトより

Ejnews: 残留農薬はパーキンソンも発病させる可能性があるそうです。除草剤、殺虫剤、だけでなく食品の合成着色料、保存料、香料、etc,……..は全て石油から作られていて、これ等の化学物質はやはり体内に入れない方が安全みたいですね。ニュースによれば、特にモンサントのラウンドアップと言う除草剤は遺伝子組み換え農作物に大量に散布されていて、色々な人体への影響が報告されています。現在遺伝子組み換え作物が栽培されていない大陸はアフリカだけで、インド、中国、南米は遺伝子組み換え作物が広範に栽培されていると言う事で、遺伝子組み換え自体からの人体への影響の他に、残留農薬も心配しなければならないので、やはり遺伝子組み換え作物から製造された食品には手をつけない方が安全なのではないでしょうか。アメリカでは政府の食品医薬品局(省?)FDAが企業の太鼓持ちになっていますので、殆ど何も政府の発表する事は信じる事が出来ません。この国では“自分の食べるものは自分で台所でオーガニックの材料で作る。”が一番安全な様です。

Good Luck and Sweet Dreams !

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Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

By Geoffrey Lean, Independent UK. Posted March 30, 2008.
ジョフリー リーン記者 インデペンデント UK 

The Independentは英国の新聞
U Kは united kingdom ユナイテッド キングダムのイニシャルで“連合王国”と言う意味。つまり英国。
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ユナイテド キングダム オブ グレイト ブリテン アンド ノーザン アイルランドが本当の国名。

Brain expert warns of huge rise in tumors and calls on industry to take immediate steps to reduce radiation.


Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their radiation.



The study, by Dr Vini Khurana, is the most devastating indictment yet published of the health risks.

 Vini Khuranaヴィニ カラナ医師による研究は、今まで記事として印刷された内でも最も恐ろしい告発である。

It draws on growing evidence -- exclusively reported in the IoS in October - that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any, people who had used the phones for that long.


Earlier this year, the French government warned against the use of mobile phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimize handset use, and the European Environment Agency has called for exposures to be reduced.


Professor Khurana -- a top neurosurgeon who has received 14 awards over the past 16 years, has published more than three dozen scientific papers -- reviewed more than 100 studies on the effects of mobile phones. He has put the results on a brain surgery website, and a paper based on the research is currently being peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal.


He admits that mobiles can save lives in emergencies, but concludes that "there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumors". He believes this will be "definitively proven" in the next decade.


Noting that malignant brain tumors represent "a life-ending diagnosis", he adds: "We are currently experiencing a reactively unchecked and dangerous situation." He fears that "unless the industry and governments take immediate and decisive steps", the incidence of malignant brain tumors and associated death rate will be observed to rise globally within a decade from now, by which time it may be far too late to intervene medically.


"It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking," says Professor Khurana, who told the IoS his assessment is partly based on the fact that three billion people now use the phones worldwide, three times as many as smoke. Smoking kills some five million worldwide each year, and exposure to asbestos is responsible for as many deaths in Britain as road accidents.

 『この問題は石綿公害、喫煙、以上に広範な影響を国民の健康に及ぼす事が心配されている』とKhuranaカラナ教授は述べている。教授は彼のこの件に付いての調査研究の一部は、全世界で30億人が携帯電話を使っている事実を基礎にしている。此れは喫煙人口の3倍と言う事で、喫煙は年間500万人の死者の原因となっている。そして石綿公害は交通事故死者数と同じ犠牲者を英国で出している。とThe IoSに伝えた。

Late last week, the UK Mobile Operators Association dismissed Khurana's study as "a selective discussion of scientific literature by one individual". It believes he "does not present a balanced analysis" of the published science, and "reaches opposite conclusions to the WHO and more than 30 other independent expert scientific reviews".


 アメリカで例えば、“煙草は癌の原因ではない”とか“地球温暖化は政治的に捏造された意見だ”とかの研究論文を書いている科学者は多くの場合、企業から援助を受けていて、しかも、彼等の専門外の分野の事に付いて意見を述べている事が多々あるのです。その様な事実はテレビ、新聞、ラジオ等のニュースでは殆ど報道されないので,Fox NewsフォックスニュースCBS News CNN News 等を情報源としている一般のアメリカ人は企業、政府を懐疑的に見る事が出来ないのです。此れは民主主義にとっては非常に問題で、環境問題だけでなく、政治に付いても同じ様な報道がされ続けているのです。だから政府がアフガニスタン、イラク侵略戦争を決めた時も、一般のアメリカ人の間では反対意見が意外と少なかったのです。唯、インターネットから情報を得ている人々は色々なニュースを比較する事が出来るので、彼等の意見はテレビ、新聞、ラジオだけをニュース源としているアメリカ人とは違うのです。
 特にFOX NEWS フォックスニュースは太平洋戦争時代の“大本営発表!”の様な事ばっかりしていて、このチャンネルを見ている人は最近極端に減少しているとの事です。其れと、このチャンネルの司会者、キャスター達のテレビでの言動は余りにも醜く、若し日本だったら、彼等は毎日の様に“御詫びの記者会見”をしなければならないでしょう。

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癌、生殖機能障害、プラスチックボトル、ビスフェノール-A ?

Plastic Bottles Release Potentially Harmful Chemicals (Bisphenol A) After Contact With Hot Liquids

ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2008) ― When it comes to Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure from polycarbonate plastic bottles, it's not whether the container is new or old but the liquid's temperature that has the most impact on how much BPA is released, according to University of Cincinnati (UC) scientists.

サイエンス デイリー2008年2月4日  シンシナティ大学(UC)の科学者達によると、ポリカーボネイト プラスティック ボトルからのBisphenol A(BPA)ビスフェノール-Aによる溶出汚染については、プラスティックの容器が新しいか古いかではなく、〈容器に入れられる〉液体の温度がBPAの溶出量に最も強い影響を与える。

Exposure エクスポージャー、露出 ですが、人間が化学物質などに日常さらされることもこの単語の動詞で表します。例えば:He was exposed to toxic chemical.s彼は毒性のある化学物質にさらされた。

Scott Belcher, PhD, and his team found when the same new and used polycarbonate drinking bottles were exposed to boiling hot water, BPA, an environmental estrogen, was released 55 times more rapidly than before exposure to hot water.

 スコット ベルヒャー博士と彼のチームは、飲料水用に使用される同じ種類の新しいポリカーボネイト ボトルと古いボトルを沸騰しているお湯に接触させると、環境ホルモンのエストロジンであるBPAの溶出の速さは、沸騰しているお湯に接触させる前の55倍になる事を発見した。

"Previous studies have shown that if you repeatedly scrub, dish-wash and boil polycarbonate baby bottles, they release BPA. That tells us that BPA can migrate from various polycarbonate plastics," explains Belcher, UC associate professor of pharmacology and cell biophysics and corresponding study author. "But we wanted to know if 'normal' use caused increased release from something that we all use, and to identify what was the most important factor that impacts release."


"Inspired by questions from the climbing community, we went directly to tests based on how consumers use these plastic water bottles and showed that the only big difference in exposure levels revolved around liquid temperature: Bottles used for up to nine years released the same amount of BPA as new bottles."


BPA is one of many man-made chemicals classified as endocrine disruptors, which alter the function of the endocrine system by mimicking the role of the body's natural hormones. Hormones are secreted through endocrine glands and serve different functions throughout the body.

 BPAは(endocrine disruptorsエンドクリン ディスラプター)内分泌機能に傷害を与える多くの人工の化学物質の一つで,自然に体で分泌されるホルモンの働きを真似る事により内分泌機能を変化させる。種々のホルモンは内分泌腺によって分泌され体の中でそれぞれ違った働きをする。

The chemical--which is widely used in products such as reusable water bottles, food can linings, water pipes and dental sealants--has been shown to affect reproduction and brain development in animal studies.


"There is a large body of scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of very small amounts of BPA in laboratory and animal studies, but little clinical evidence related to humans," explains Belcher. "There is a very strong suspicion in the scientific community, however, that this chemical has harmful effects on humans."


Belcher's team analyzed used polycarbonate water bottles from a local climbing gym and purchased new bottles of the same brand from an outdoor retail supplier.


All bottles were subjected to seven days of testing designed to simulate normal usage during backpacking, mountaineering and other outdoor adventure activities.


The UC researchers found that the amount of BPA released from new and used polycarbonate drinking bottles was the same -- both in quantity and speed of release -- into cool or temperate water.


However, drastically higher levels of BPA were released once the bottles were briefly exposed to boiling water.


"Compared to the rate of release from the same bottle, the speed of release was 15 to 55 times faster," explains Belcher.


Prior to boiling water exposure, the rate of release from individual bottles ranged from 0.2 to 0.8 nanograms per hour. After exposure, rates increased to 8 to 32 nanograms per hour.


Belcher stresses that it is still unclear what level of BPA is harmful to humans. He urges consumers to think about how cumulative environmental exposures might harm their health.


"BPA is just one of many estrogen-like chemicals people are exposed to, and scientists are still trying to figure out how these endocrine disruptors--including natural phyto-estrogens from soy which are often considered healthy--collectively impact human health," he says. "But a growing body of scientific evidence suggests it might be at the cost of your health."



The UC team reports its findings in the Jan. 30, 2008 issue of the journal Toxicology Letters. UC graduate student Hoa Le and summer undergraduate research fellows Emily Carlson and Jason Chua also participated in this study, which was funded by a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences grant.

 2008年1月30日のジャーナル トキシコロジー レターにUCチームは研究の結果を発表した。UCの大学院生ホア レイと夏期大学研究員エミリー カールソンとジェイソン チュアもナショナル インスチチュート オブ エンヴァイロンメンタル ヘルス サイエンスからの補助金で始まったこの研究に参加した。

Adapted from materials provided by University of Cincinnati.

University of Cincinnati (2008, February 4). Plastic Bottles Release Potentially Harmful Chemicals (Bisphenol A) After Contact With Hot Liquids. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 16, 2008, from http://www.sciencedaily.com¬ /releases/2008/01/080130092108.htm
Search ScienceDaily


It is also a precursor to the flame retardant tetrabromobisphenol A, and was formerly used as a fungicide.[7]


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